Dear Sam,

First of all, let me just say that while it's sweet of you to think that I came from gods and goddesses, that is tremendously ridiculous.

Second, if you wanted to discover my flaws, you could have just asked me. I would have been more delighted to provide you of a list. Because trust me, I am no more than you think I was. Like any normal human being walking on the face of Earth, I have imperfections, too. Lots of them. And if you can't see them, then there is something wrong with your eyes.

Or your heart, for that matter.

Because why in the world would you like someone like me?!

But then, hard as I tried to convince myself otherwise, I am honestly thrilled to have learned of that from you, yourself. Angels knew how much I've waited for this day to come. And I'm more than overjoyed that I didn't lose my faith. That I kept up with your bullying. (Though I did really cry when you uttered that awful joke about my Mom. But it was only because you did that at such a wrong time. Such a wrong time, I repeat! But I forgive you. You had me at 'puppy eyes'. ^_^)

So that tiny window you're asking for? It had always been open, Sam. Or you could come through the big, wide door if you like.


I knew you were the one who left the honey at our house. I was sitting quietly by the window when you came. It was dark inside and the curtains were down so you didn't see me. To be honest, I thought you had put something nasty in that bottle—until I read your note. Hence, the priceless smile on my face.

I never got the chance to thank you for that. The honey worked wonders for my throat. Thanks! Definitely looking forward to you taking care of me more.

Thank you for reading. The image/book cover was supposed to be that of Dean Geyer's but because I have no awareness whatsoever that the picture will be cut, I went ahead and put it without adjusting the resolution...or something. Or if that was even what one is supposed to do. Lol. But anyway, I hoped you enjoyed this simple, two-shot fic.