Dinner Time

Rachel's family is rather peculiar. They feel comfortable shouting through the house at each other. Shouting at my house means run; not come eat dinner. So, as you can see I was a little skeptical when Mrs. Knowlton shouted up the stairs to announce dinner. Rachel didn't seem too alarmed so I followed her to their dining table.

Mrs. Knowlton sat at the head of the table in a beautiful arm chair. The other chairs weren't armchairs but they were just as beautiful and they seemed to match.

Jared and Samantha, (Rachel's siblings), sat on one side while Rachel and I sat on the other.

Salad, spaghetti, and French bread sat in front of us. Rachel began cutting up the bread shortly after sitting.

"Sam, grab the Ranch dressing." Jared instructed.

Samantha sighed and did as ordered. When Sam returned and Rachel finished cutting the bread, they all joined hands. Rachel outstretched her hand to me. I awkwardly took it.

"We hold hands and pray before we eat." Rachel whispered to me.

"Oh, coolio," I responded. I can't remember ever praying in my life.

"Heavenly Father," Mrs. Knowlton began, "Please bless this food to the nourishment of our bodies, minds, and souls, amen."

The Knowltons proceeded to eat their salads, well except Rachel; she just awkwardly gazed around at the others and her plate. Then she scooted her salad plate off her main plate.

"You're not having salad?" I asked.

"I've never been big on salad." She answered.

When the others finished their salads they began scooping spaghetti onto their plates.

"Are you going to get any, Lucy?" Mrs. Knowlton asked.

"Am I allowed to?" They all stared at me in shock.

"Of course you are; why wouldn't you be?"

Then Rachel passed the spaghetti to me and I put one small scoop on my plate.

As I scooped some spaghetti onto my fork, Samantha asked, "So what do your parents do, Lucy?"

I paused just before I put the spaghetti in my mouth. I chewed it slowly. Luckily, Rachel answered for me.

"Lucy's mom is a lawyer."

"A lawyer? What law does she specialize in?" Mrs. Knowlton asked.

I looked at Rachel and gave her a look that said "Why are these people grilling me?"

I turned to Mrs. Knowlton, "I don't know she doesn't talk about work."

"What does she talk about?"

"She doesn't talk bout anything with me."

"Why?" Samantha asked.

These people are rather intrusive I thought.

"That's Lucy's and her mother's business not ours." Rachel told Samantha, ending the discussion.

I gave Rachel a look of sincere gratitude.

For a while there was nothing but the sound of forks hitting plates.

"So, Lucy, what kind of music do you listen to?" Samantha asked.

"Classic Rock mostly, Queen is my favorite band."

"Queen?" Jared looked confused.

"You've never heard of Queen?" I was sincerely shocked at how none of them knew good music.

"No, who are they?" I hung my head in shame.

"They did We Will Rock You." Mrs. Knowlton answered. Thank goodness someone here knows what's up.


I scooped some spaghetti onto my fork and gently twirled it around.

"Anyway, Lucy, what do you like to do in your free time?"

"I write," I said simply. "I plan on publishing a series when I'm older. It's gonna be the next Harry Potter."

"Don't you have any college plans?"

"Mom," Rachel interrupted.

"No, it's cool." I reassured Rachel. I turned back to Mrs. Knowlton. "No, I don't. I don't think college is for me."

"What do you plan on doing with your life then?" Mrs. Knowlton looked at me like I was stupid.

"I will live by my pen. Beyond that, I will just enjoy existing."

Samantha, Jared, and Mrs. Knowlton looked at my like I had just said I was planning on hanging myself next Thursday. Rachel Just stared at her food with her hands in her lap. It looked like her face was turning pink. I don't think my words have ever made a room so quiet.

"But you could make so much more money, on average over a million than someone who doesn't go to college." Jared said.

"Money isn't everything." I said simply.

"But how will you pay for living expenses? You don't want to work at Wal-mart for the rest of your life." Mrs. Knowlton said.

"Actually, that doesn't sound bad to me."

Again with the dumbfounded stares, these people should write a book on manners.

"We're all done eating, right?" Rachel asked and without waiting for an answer she began clearing the table. I awkwardly stood up and helped her while the others stared at each other and had some sort of telepathic conversation.

After a while, Samantha and Jared helped clear the table. Mrs. Knowlton just disappeared, I honestly have no idea where she went, I never even saw her get up.

Samantha put away the food; Jared cleaned the counters and Rachel cleaned the dishes quickly and quietly. When she finished and the others were gone, she took a couple deep breaths and looked at me.

"I apologize for my family's behavior, it was out of line. They had no right to speak to you like that." Rachel said in a near monotone.

Like magic, a quote popped into my head. "'Great Spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds' Albert Einstein." I recited to her.

A smile crept across her face.

"I'm kind of tired, can I go to bed?" I asked.

"Uh, yeah," Rachel led the way to her room, pushed one of her sliding closet doors and fished around in what sounded like a dresser, I couldn't see it. A moment later she tossed pajama pants at me.

"That'll do, right?" She asked.

"Yep, thanks," I answered.

"No prob," She said as she left the room, closing the door behind her.

I changed into the pajama pants and folded up my pants, setting them on the floor next to Rachel's futon. I opened the door to show that she could tell that her room was open again. Moving to the couch, I took a look around the room. I noticed she had a black desk. I got up and took a look at the cup of pens on it. After shifting through them, I noticed she had a silver Sharpie. The angels sang a holy tune in my head. I lay on the floor under the desk and proceeded to write all over it. When I decided I had used more than enough of her sharpie ink, I hopped up and put it back as I had found it.

Rachel then stepped into the room carrying two blankets.

"What have you been up to?" Rachel asked, casually.

"Derping the Herp," I responded. "What's with the blankets?"

"They are for me; I'm sleeping on the floor."

"But this is your room; shouldn't you sleep on your bed?"

"I sleep in it all the time, just not tonight, tonight it's yours."



I hopped onto the futon, pulled down the blanket that lay across the top and draped it over myself.

Rachel laid a blanket out across the floor and then placed the other on top of it. She walked over to her closet and pulled out a pillow. After dropping said pillow on the floor, she lay down on the blankets and pulled the top one over herself.


"Yes, Rachel?"

"Tomorrow will be a day of adventure."

A smile split across my face as I hit the lights. A day of adventure sounds like the greatest thing ever.