Chapter 36

Callen and I reached Grenoble but it was now dark. It was still raining now, and the sky was lit up every now and then by a flash of lightning followed by a roar of thunder. I was scared so I clutched onto Callens waist, and buried my head in his back.
''Where to now?'', I heard Callen shout to the other two men.
I couldn't hear what they said but we had turned direction now. The horse stopped and Callen nudged me, he jumped down first and then helped me down even though it wasn't necessary, hid me under his cloak, to protect me from the rain, and we followed the two men deeper into the forest. We decided took base, under the thickest tree, to get more shelter. We wedged in between the root of the tree, and I leaned on Callen. The two men described to us how it would be easier to find Ardor and them in the morning, when hopefully the worst of the storm has passed. I thought back to the last time I had slept outside when there was a storm, I had ended up losing life in my legs for a few weeks, but I had met the kindest family. I hoped if I had the chance after all this, that I could visit again some time. I had also lost Liath. I had not seen her since my stay in that house, and I wondered where she was, she had been my best friend, and with all the things happening in the past year I hadn't got the chance to miss her, but then I realised we didn't have a bond, that tied our ancestors together, so Liath wasn't tied to me, so she was free to roam, and thats probably why she didn't come and look for me after I was injured. I fell asleep thinking about Liath.

A rumble of Thunder woke me, it was still dark, and it didn't look like it was going to be getting bright any time soon. Grenoble was so close now, just a short walk and I would be at the gates. I was tempted to go, and take a quick look around, to see if anything had changed, and also to check on Theo, to see if this wasn't a wasted trip. What happened if we went there to rescue Theo but there was no Theo to be rescued. This thought scared me, so I knew I had to check on him. I moved myself away from Callen very quietly and slowly. He didn't even stir so I knew he was still fast asleep. The rain pelted hard against my head, so I put my hood up for one more layer of protection. Each time the lightening struck I could see the town walls, but that was only for a second, it was like I was blind again waiting for the next flash. Almost at the walls, and I almost tripped over a thick branch. Only it wasn't a branch, because a hand shot up and locked onto my arm, I tried to pull away but I was caught. The hand dragged me to the ground with a thud. Only when the striking light, came again did I recognise whos face it was. It was Olen, and this terrified me more then the frightening storm overhead. He recognised me also.
''What are you doing?'', he snapped.
''I don't really think its much of your business".
''Yes it is, because if you get harmed then this was a wasted trip, for all of us''.
I huffed in annoyance.
''I had just wanted to see if Theo was ok. I know my surroundings I would have been safe enough. Don't doubt my ability''.
''I'm not its just one flash of this and you're cover is blown''.
''I'll be fine, I'm fast'', I said getting up to leave.
''If your so stubborn that you have to well then I'm coming with you''.
I walked at a fast pace trying to lose him but I knew it would not work. We got to the wall and I realised it was higher up then it looked.
''Who first?'', he asked.
I took a few steps back then leapt for the wall scrambling my way upwards until I was perched on the ledge. I reached my hand down for him, to help him up and pulled away at the last second, before dropping myself gently down the other side of the wall, leaving him struggling to get up the high wall. I looked around me, trying to find anywhere that looked familiar. All the houses we're the same, but what stood them out from eachother was the numbers on the door. I closed my eyes and thought back to knocking on Theo's door, House 23. I looked at the house nearest me, it was numbered 49, so I would have a few houses to go until I found where Cornegre and Theo stayed.
''Smart move back there'', Olen said catching up with me.
Damn! I had thought he would have given up and just waited for me on the other side of the wall.
''Sorry, you we're slowing me down, I had no choice''.
Every time I spoke to him I was still keeping a close eye on the numbers as I passed them, House 30.
My heart started to pound in my chest, we we're almost there. When we reached house 24 I stopped him. I closed my eyes again and thought back to which room Theo was in. I passed their frontroom and the light was on, curiosity took the better of me and instead of going straight to Theo's room, I went to the window that light was pouring out of. There was a curtain in front of the window, which was blocking my few but only partially, as it was a light material which made it easy for me to still see even though it made my vision blurred. I could see Cornegre, her long hair as black as ever, but her back was turned on me, so I couldn't see what she was doing. I strained to look closer. Sure enough, there was a body lying next to her. I looked at their surroundings. There was a jar next to her, and she seemed to be pouring stuff into it. When I looked closer again, I could see the red tinge of it. It was blood. I almost let out a scream, but I stopped myself realising where I was. Olen felt my stiffen, as he was standing right behind me. In a flash our faces were lit up. I saw Cornegres head turned but couldn't make myself to turn, because something in her eyes was holding me there. Olen tugged at me but noticed I was not moving, so he caught me and flung me over his shoulder and began to run with me. Even though it was light he still ran at an incredibly fast speed. He didn't speak he just kept running, until we reached the wall. He looked around for a way to pull but of us up.
''Come on, we've got to go'', Olen said.
I could tell that he didn't trust for him to go first, because I might not follow him over. So he picked me up and threw me, I had no choice as I hovered in the air but to clutch onto the ledge of the wall. I swung my leg around easily, this time instead of running away from him, I stretched down my hand, after a leap he caught it, and I tried with all my strength to pull him up. We tumbled to the other side, but I didn't mind because we were safer here then on the other side of that wall. I couldn't shake the image of Cornegre from my hand. When she looked at me, her eyes were completely black, and she had blood dripping from her mouth.

Cornegre had been draining blood from Theo. He had fallen asleep on the couch, and she had pulled him down to the carpet, where she got her appartus needed for this process. She took his arm and placed it across her lap as she rolled up his shirt. She searched for the bluest and thickest vein before getting her knife. With the point of her knife, she pricked his vein and the blood just clotted upwards, until she began to sing a chant.
''Odola Ematen Dut'', she repeated over and over again, until soon there was a stream of blood flowing from his arm into the jar that was waiting under his arm.
She took the spoon that was next to her and dipped it into the jar, taking it out again, she tasted the blood hungrily. She felt the fire blood burn down her throat as it travelled into her stomach where it would contiue burning and giving her that energy. Between the blood and the storm Cornegre felt a buss so when the next flash of lightening came Cornegre couldn't help but look at at it, and she saw terrified her. She had seen Adelaides face, peeking in at her. She had knocked the jar in frustration and know Theo and the floor was covered in the precious blood. She cursed out loud. All that wasted blood, and she was hungry for me, she couldn't just stop now until she had all the blood needed to quench her thirst. So she picked up the jar again, and placed in under Theo's arm leaving it to fill up to the top again. She didn't care that she was taking the double amount of Theos blood, she needed it after seeing Adelaides face haunting her. When her jar was finally full, she said the chant backwards and the blood stopped flowing. She got some stuff to clean up the blood, and changed Theo from his clothes, into something quite similar so he wouldn't notice. She looked at how pale his chest was as she clothed him, but she couldn't care that he had been drained too much, as she clutched the warm jar in her hand containing his blood. She sipped on some of it, before lifting up one of the planks from the floor, under it was her stash of blood. She fitted the new jar in between her several other jars, that she would keep until later. She then lifted Theo up onto the chair again, so he wouldn't even realise any of this had happened. Just to be on the safe side, she checked outside her door to see if Adelaide really was there, but then she realised that she must just have been imagining it. Because why on earth would Adelaide show her face again in Grenoble?

I looked over at Olen, making sure to myself that I was still safe. He caught me looking at him.
''What?'', he said ashamed.
''Thanks for that''.
He nodded nothing seeming all to bothered as to why I was so frozen.
I mustered up the courage to ask him about why had he been chasing us from our homes that time.
''Can I ask you something?''.
He contemplated for a bit before giving me permission.
''Why where you in Ethwick Forest that day?''.
He was quiet and I thought he was going to ignore the question.
''Why had you chased us?'', I spoke again.
''We didn't chase. Ye ran, and we followed''.
''Yes but that doesn't explain why you were there''.
''We had been there for your mother''.
''Why?'', I asked with more of an edge to my voice.
''Ask my Father the answer to that question'', he said all serious.
''Thanks for shooting me by the way'', he added, making light of it.
''It was a bad shot'', I said standing up and headed back towards the camp.