I refuge myself with great torture,

Do to all my misfortune.

How isolated a world it is for me,

When there is nothing I grant myself to be.

I would rather expire by malicious death,

Before I had to look upon my mirror with grief.

The tears that trickle down my cheek,

Are but sorrows from my own essence.

But what a heart I fear I have,

Filled with love, but none to give.

The men I meet aren't worthy of me,

For I need a touch of honesty.

In him he shall be filled with tranquility,

And fill my soul with a passionate need.

However, in this world I see today,

I witness nothing of the sort.

Maybe it is I that should change,

And transform into something I am not.

Then all my ideas will vanish,

And I would not be me.

A loving soul I am,

Filled with love for a certain man.

Who that man is I do not know,

Though some day I shall greet him.

Will it be great?

Will it be boring?

Unfortunately, I do not know,

When or how it will come to be.

I do not ask dishonestly or with greed,

I only wish my heart were overflowing and free,

With a gentleman who loves me,

And will always have the desires to be with me perpetually.