Writing Exercise: Introduce a Character solely by his/her actions

It Girl

The classroom door opened loudly, banging against the wall as she struts into the room. All heads turn to look at her, sixty eyeballs gawking and completely losing track of the lesson.

Even as she sits she makes noise. Dropping her Coach bag onto the desk, scraping her chair against the floor. The teacher stops trying to keep the attentions of his students, waiting until she drops into her seat with a huffy sigh.

The teacher begins to talk again, a line forming between his brows when the crinkling of a take-out bag overpowers his words. He pushes on despite the rustling of bags and buzz of a phone that emanates from her desk. Even when she turns to a friend to say how pointless the lesson is he struggles through.

Finally he finishes his lesson and wearily dismisses the class to do a worksheet. Immediately, one voice starts talking louder than any of the others.

"Oh. My. God! You will never guess what happened at lunch!" Without pausing, she continues in a breathy voice. "I was talking to so-and-so, oh, she's mad at you by the way…" Her friends look at each other and roll their eyes as she stops her gossip to check her buzzing phone. The noise level in the class drop considerably, that is until she restarts her tale.

Throughout the classroom for the next forty minutes every students hears the various gossip about her friends, foes, ex-boyfriend, teachers, parents, aunts, uncles, grocery store attendant, cashier at Wal-Mart and dog walker. Those lucky enough to own them pop in a pair of headphones while the unlucky individuals look on in jealousy.

The bell rings and the girl snatches up her bag and struts out of the room with a finger waggle, hips swinging. Her friends look at each other, wordlessly communicating.

As they walk out of the room, the teacher hears one girl say to the other, "Damn, I was so excited when she wasn't here at the start if the period…"