"So, how did this all start?"

"I opened my switchblade."

The world around me rippled, as I held my switchblade open, bundled in a fist. I concentrated, my next target. Everything rippled again, stronger this time. I focused all my energy on the next target. And this time, there was no ripple, instead the world around me exploded, destroying the world around me, leaving me in Oblivion. Oblivion is not white, rather it is black, but with complete brightness; if there is anything inside Oblivion, unabsorbed, it is lit up, incredibly bright. This is quite unusual, since there are no light sources in Oblivion. I didn't want to be absorbed, so I quickly ended this thought track and focused on my knife. I felt my body being dragged in a seemingly random direction by my blade, but that direction was Earth. My next target. My destiny.


I lay back on my bed, flicking though the pictures from yesterday on my camera, breathing deeply. Then, I gasped, it was a picture, probably taken by Jack, of Alex and Jake on my bed... doing that! I jumped off the pink bedspread, yelling "JAKE" loud enough to get him running fast.
"What? Is there a spider you need me to dispose of?" He said, with a slight smile at my phobia.
My camera was in front of his face, and he gasped, asking "How did you get that?"
"More like why in my room dickwad? You have a bed! And ewww! You did it with my best friend!"

And then, in that moment, everything froze.

I walked in the open door way, seeing the target and their kin standing side by side in an extremely pink room. I hadn't frozen the target, just the other human. I walked up, 6 inch stilletto blade in hand. She looked up to me with deep green eyes. I placed the tip of the blade to her neck, and looked at the pitiful being. She then smiled, and slid her hand in her pocket. I felt an electric current - she had a device in her pocket, and in that second, I felt an explosion behind me.

"Where am I?" I questioned the empty room, my arms handcuffed.

"My safe room!" I heard someone say with a laugh following it.

"Not for long." The anger was clear in my voice as I attempted to enter Oblivion.

The world fell away as expected, but something was obviously wrong - it was white. And the girl was there. I tore my backup knife from my wrist, the blade embedded in my skin, only removable with a magnet. I focused on the human, rushing towards her pulled along my my blade, but then she said the least expected thing;

"I don't think you know my name. Sarah; queen of oblivion!" On the last word, the blade, slid from my grasp, and stabbed me in the chest.

"You thought you could escape? No luck for you, pretty boy, this human has power!" She removed the blade from my chest, blood spilling over my white shirt and leather jacket. She put her hand on my chest, and I felt love flow into me, and I was happy, I felt the wound closing, and I knew something, this girl was my first love.

"That's how I met her."

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