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Sarah's POV

I flipped the worlds- I was back in my room again, surrounded by pink. I pulled my phone from my pocket, and pressed two, speed dialing Alex. As I waited for her to answer, I pulled a sem-transparent disposable lighter from my back pocket, saw it was half full, and made a mental note: "Need to go see Luci again, soon."

"So, who is this Luci?"

"Luci is, was a friend of mine."

"No longer?"

"No longer is he anything but a nemisis."

Alex picked up.

"Hey Alex, just wanted to know if you wanted to hang tonight, or tell me why the FUCK YOU SLEPT WITH MY GODDAMN BROTHER!"

"S... Sarah?"


"Are you m... mad?"

I sighed deeply before I replied, saying "Yeah, a bit.. but mostly I just want to know why you did it."

"How about we meet at Saidie's house. I'll tell you there."

"Alright." I finished trying to put a smile in my voice so she knew I wasn't really mad.

"So, who is Saidie and why were you two meeting at her house without asking permission?"

"She was a close friend and her house was basically public. All her friends had keys; her house was almost empty, she had nothing to fear of robbery. So most of us used it as a meeting place."

"Hey Sarah." Alex spoke quietly, with her voice shakey, as if she was about to cry.

"Hey Alex, are you ok?"

"Yeah.. Look I'm sorry Sarah I never ment to have sex with him it's just I was drunk and I was high and he was topless and he has great abs and I just had too... I'm so sorry!" with that, Alex burst out crying.


Sniffeling, Alex looked up. "Yeah?"

"Do you like my brother. Do you honestly like Jake?"

With momentary hesitation, "Yes."

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