Note: So it's been a few years since I've written anything and I might be rusty at it. The majority of the first chapter was written years ago, I did go back and rewrite and edit some of it, but from here on this is all new. I do intend on finishing it this time so bare with me if anyone is still interested haha.

Kai woke nestled in a gentle warmth. Dim beams of light shone through the blinds in his bedroom, softly penetrating his eyelids and rousing him more than he thought was acceptable.

Stubbornly he snuggled back into the cozy furnace to his right, feeling it breathe softly against his neck.



Kai opened his eyes with a burning panic which intensified after seeing Achilles sleeping beside him. Alive. His hand reached up to his neck where the short chain hummed slightly against his skin.

It wasn't a dream.

He was real.

And he was in Kai's bed.

"Oh my god please have mercy on my little sinning heart. Fuck!" he cursed as he jumped out of bed like it burned him.

"What's wrong?" came a sleepy mumble from his bed.

Kai pointedly ignored him as he danced around his room trying to fit into his jeans, no doubt giving Achilles quite a view.

"Kai?" Achilles asked worriedly, starting to sit up now.

"You weren't supposed to be real." Kai gasped as he spun around to face him.

Achilles' eyebrows raised into his hairline. Silence loomed between them as Achilles struggled for something to say and Kai struggled to breathe properly.

Achilles raised his hands up complacently, a worried crease between his brows.

"Just breathe okay? Everything is alright love."

The chain around his throat vibrated softly, like it too was trying to calm him down.

Kai just eyed him like he grew two heads, his breathing getting worse.

"I'm calling Cable." he shouted as he stormed out of the room.

Achilles hopped to his feet and followed after him, muttering curses under his breath.

"I don't think that's such a hot idea there stud." he told him as soon as he reached the living room.

"And why not?" Kai asked sarcastically as he dialed Cable's number on his cell.

Achilles chewed on his bottom lip, choosing not to answer.

"Exactly." Kai muttered darkly. "Now shut up and stop distracting me with your fucking abs. Jesus."

"Excuse me?" a voice from the phone asked, startling Kai from staring at said abs.

Blushing angrily, Kai turned his back on Achilles and ran a nervous hand through his hair,

"Not you, sorry Cable. Uh, look." he paused, twitching slightly. "I know we kind of had a fight the other day about you being homophobic and all that-"

"Kai I'm not-"

"No shut up and listen." Kai snapped, feeling his temper grow thin. Seriously he was never this hotheaded before, what gives?

"You were being a dick and some of the comments you made were completely uncalled for." Cable grumbled slightly on the other end.

"And maybe some of my comments were a little uncalled for." Kai amended. "But you said you have my back and right now I kind of really need that?" he asked uncertainly.

"What's wrong? Did something happen?" Cable asked in a rush, attitude doing a complete 180.

Kai licked his lips nervously, glancing at Achilles from the corner of his eye who was looking at him in disapproval.

"Yeah...look can you just come over? It'll be easier if you just see for yourself."

"Fuck, yeah I'll be there in 20. Don't worry okay? Everything is going to be fine." Cable reassured him without even knowing what was wrong. Kai felt slightly better for it.

"Alright. And Cable?" he paused.

"Yeah man?"

"Thanks." he whispered.

"Anytime." There was a soft click and Kai hung up the phone, turning fully to stare at the man in his apartment.

"You need to put on some fucking clothes." he breathed, voice wavering slightly like he was half against it.

"None of your shirts fit me." Achilles shrugged. "Also we need to have a talk about your sudden use of f bombs young man."

Kai rolled his eyes and lightly tread over to his dresser to root around for a t-shirt the size of The Rock. Okay slight exaggeration, but seriously he never wrote about Achilles having biceps the size of his head.

"My f bomb use is fine Dad. I'm just really stressed out right now and I get pissy and curse when I'm stressed!"

Soft footsteps made there way over and crouched down behind him.

"Need some help with that?" came a deep rumble.

Suddenly there were warm, rough hands kneading into the muscles of his shoulders and Kai melted into an unintelligible puddle.

"Feel good?" Achilles chuckled.

A weak moan was all Kai could coax out of his lips as Achilles dug his thumbs into a hard knot at the top of his spine.

"I like you when you're all feisty like that you know." Achilles growled against his ear. "Feels right to banter with you and to throw you over my shoulder and spank that perk little ass of yours."

Kai shivered uncontrollably as his hot breath ran across his neck.

"Mmm Akkie." Kai groaned under the kneading onslaught. "Making it real difficult to find you a shirt."

Achilles laughed deeply and nipped lightly at his ear.


"Is this- ah right there yes." Kai cleared his throat. "Is this 'wooing me properly'?" Squinting his eyes open to try and look at him.

Achilles paused in his ministrations to think briefly.

"To be honest I'm not sure. I've never wooed anyone before." He glanced down at Kai before continuing his magic back massage. "I do know that I want you properly smitten with me before we go any further. You always-" he hesitated.

"Always what?" Kai whispered.

"You always used to trust me. Maybe it wasn't real for you,...but for me I look at you and still think you've hung the stars in the night sky." Kai's breath hitched dangerously.

"But the way you look at me now..." Achilles rubbed lower on his back, choosing his words carefully. "There's still that desire, lust. But what used to be there, love, trust, faith; lust doesn't even compare.

"I know we just met for you so I will take it slow, build back your trust. However I am still so deeply in love with you it hardly seems fair. So please understand if I am perhaps over hasty at times. You are incredibly hard to resist." Achilles rumbled deeply.

Kai turned around slowly on his knees and stared at Achilles, gob smacked.

"You're actually real aren't you?" he asked in an awed tone, reaching up to trace Achilles' cheekbone.

Achilles' eyes softened as he gazed at him in utter adoration, reaching his own hands up to cup Kai's face.

"I think I could get used to you." Kai smiled shyly.

A grin broke out on Achilles' face and he leaned closer to kiss the tip of Kai's nose. Sickeningly sweet.

A loud knock broke them out of their trance and Kai suddenly remembered Cable.

"Okay, try to find a shirt. Use a bed-sheet if you have to. Wait, no. That might give him the wrong idea. Or the right idea...?" Kai scrunched his face up in adorable confusion. "Anyways, let me talk to him first and wait for my signal okay?"

Achilles kissed the side of his head affectionately, like he was struggling to keep his hands to himself.

"Okay. I'll wait for your signal."

"And find a shirt." Kai repeated.

"And find a shirt." Achilles grumbled.

"Good boy." Kai said cheekily and decided to be a little shit as he leaned over and took Achilles' mouth in a passionate kiss.

The reaction was immediate as Achilles nearly slammed his back into the dresser before catching himself and gently lowered Kai to the floor as he took his mouth and completely wrecked it with his tongue.

Kai moaned softly, forgetting about the stupid door entirely until the knocking started again, louder this time and impatient.

Kai broke the kiss and regretfully pushed Achilles away, noting the heated and desperate look in his eyes promising retribution. Kai licked his lips, tempted to dive right back in before he heard Cable shouting at him to hurry the fuck up from the other side of the door.

Deciding he made his friend wait long enough, he untangled his limbs from the black haired Adonis and made for the door, but not before he got a light smack on his ass on the way out.

He glared playfully at the grinning wet dream as he shut the door to the bedroom and answered the front door finally.

"Finally Kai! What, were you taking a dump?" Cable asked as he shouldered his way in.

"No I-" he bit his lip. "I need to tell you something and you can't freak out okay?"

Cable threw him a worried glance before sitting down on the sofa.

"Alright, I promise. Now lay it on me."

Kai cleared his throat as he sat across from him.

"So you know how yesterday you sent Derek over to take me to the carnival?"

Cable nodded hesitantly.

"Well we got separated a little while in and I met this woman." Cable's eyebrows shot up.

"Well hot damn Kai, guess you weren't gay after all huh?" he grinned.

Kai made a frustrated noise in the back of his throat.

"First of all, no. Second, shut up and stop interrupting." he glared.

"Okay, jeez. Continue." Cable rolled his eyes, waving his hand to talk.

"I met this woman who called herself Madam Pyre. Well, knocked into her more like. I was running from clowns. Don't look at me like that." Cable held up his hands to mollify him.

"Well she read my palm and when she did I swear for a second her eyes glowed red and she asked me if I was a writer." Cable's eyebrows became a permanent part of his hairline at this point.

"I told her I was and she gave me a gift." his hand reached up to touch the chain, feeling warmth resonate from it all the way down his spine. He shivered. That was new.

"She gave you that necklace?" Cable asked in confusion. Kai nodded wordlessly.

"Yeah and when I put it on it suddenly tightened around my throat and neither me nor Derek could get it off." Cable suddenly shot up in concern.

"It isn't constricting your airway too much is it?" he asked as he came over and leaned down to look at it. "Why didn't you go to the hospital and have them take it off there?" He reached out to touch it and like Derek suddenly jerked his hand back.

"What the fuck." Cable gave him a bewildered look. "Did it shock you too?" he asked in concern. Kai shook his head no.

"That happened to Derek too when he tried to force it off me. It shocked him, but not me."

Cable was really concerned now and shuffled back and forth in agitation.

"That's not all."

Cable's brows furrowed and he crossed his arms over his chest.

"You mean there's more than a cursed necklace choking you and shocking your friends?"

Pointedly ignoring that, Kai stood up too.

"When I got back home last night there was a man in my apartment."

"What!? Are you okay? Did he do something to you!?"

"No Cabe, calm down. Lemme finish." Now Kai shuffled nervously, licking his lip.

"Just tell me."

"Well it turns out I already knew him..." he whispered and glanced at the doorway where Achilles now hovered, eyeing him in concern like he was two seconds away from hiding him from Cable. He also had on an old pajama shirt of Kai's and it stretched painfully over his chest, barely fitting. It was downright adorable and Kai was very nearly distracted from what he was about to say.

"Cable, I want you to meet Achilles." he said as Achilles took that as his cue to enter the room.

"Achilles? That's an odd name. But what the heck was the dude already doing in your apartment in the first place?" Cable frowned.

Achilles stopped right next to him and held out his hand.

"You're one to talk about odd names." he joked. "Nice to meet you I'm Achilles." he glanced nervously over at Kai.

Silence filled the room.

"Cable?" Kai asked in confusion. He hadn't even turned to look at Akkie when he spoke. Was he intentionally ignoring him?

"What you're not going to answer my question?" Cable crossed his arms.

"Well he was sort of...put here?" he said warily, glancing at Achilles for help who had since dropped his hand.

"Doesn't sound fishy at all, alright." Cable huffed. "Anyways when do you want me to meet him? He groaned, plopping back down on the couch.

Kai stared at him in shock before looking at Achilles and back again. He silently motioned beside him where Akkie stood.

"He's right here. You've been ignoring him."

Achilles grimaced when Cable looked at Kai like he just told him the sky was made of cotton candy.

"Kai are you feeling okay?" he stood up again in a rush, placing his hand on Kai's forehead.

Ignoring the low growl from Achilles, Kai shoved his hand away.

"I'm fine! Stop playing around. Achilles is right beside me!" he shouted.

Now Cable looked really concerned as he glanced back and forth between Kai and an empty space.

"Kai,..." he started hesitantly. "There's no one else here..."

The world suddenly got blurry and distant as his gaze shot up to Achilles' who was now looking at him like there was nothing else in the world that he would rather have not heard. Absolute devastation was on his face. Both of their faces.

"You're not-" he tipped over slightly, unbalanced. Achilles rushed to catch him only for Cable to beat him to it.

Kai's face burned and tears, hot and vicious, streamed down his cheeks.

Cable was in full panic mode now, but Kai barely heard him as he looked at Achilles with the kind of grief of losing a loved one.

"You're not real." he whispered.

"I'm real enough." Achilles whispered back, looking broken. He reached out for him, but Kai jerked away and the hurt that settled on Achilles' face nearly made Kai cry harder.

Guess gay characters never get happy endings after all...

Cable had hesitantly left after Kai explained he hadn't been getting a lot of sleep lately and he was just imagining things. He ignored Achilles' sullen, heartbroken looks when Kai hugged Cable goodbye and said he'd be right as rain with a good night's rest. Cable had grudgingly agreed and made him promise to call him if he saw 'Akkie' again.

"Kai." Achilles whispered when the door shut and Kai had stood there with his back turned for a good five minutes.

Without a word, Kai turned and walked straight into the bathroom, shutting and locking the door behind him as he ignored Achilles banging on the door and begging him to come out.

And hours later he still sat there on the edge of the tub, staring blankly at the shower wall.

He was so foolish to allow himself to believe this was all real. That something good had actually happened for once in his life. That he could actually have someone who genuinely loved and cared about him. That wanted to be with the real him, flaws and all, and still found him beautiful. Irresistible, even.

It was all fake.

He hit his head with his hands in anger, desperately wishing he could have lived in that fantasy forever. It was so good while it lasted, and for a moment; for a brief fleeting moment, Kai had been genuinely happy for the first time in a long while.

Kai suddenly sat up and wiped the tears off his face. He knew what he had to do. He cautiously got out of the tub and made his way to the door, quietly trying to psyche himself up for what he knew waited beyond the door.

Four deep breaths later and Kai stepped out of the bathroom, determinedly not looking for the other in the room as he got his coat and shoes on.

"Kai?" a soft voice murmured, like he had been woken up. "Where are you going?"

Ignoring him, Kai grabbed his keys and left the apartment. This would all be over soon.

It was almost dark out when he arrived at the carnival so most of the people had already gone home.

"Kai what are you doing here?" a quiet voice demanded behind him. Determined to not talk to him anymore Kai tried to walk off again only to be grabbed and spun around to face a livid Achilles.

Kai sucked in gasp, his eyes meeting Achilles' and finding a depth of emotions there, but most of all finding concern.

"Answer me." Achilles barked. "What are you getting yourself into?" Rough hands gripped his shoulders and despite not wanting to, it calmed Kai down; grounded him momentarily.

"I'm fixing myself." he answered lowly, aware there were still a few people about and he would be seen talking to himself. He closed his eyes briefly at the reminder that this was all in his head.

"There's nothing wrong with you." Achilles whispered.

Kai glared up at him and slapped his hands away from his shoulders.

"Soon nothing will be." he spun on his heel and walked off before he saw the pained expression on Achilles' face.

Kai wondered around, lost for the most part, trying to track down that woman from the other day. The one who had started all of this. Madam Pyre.

He could feel Achilles walking behind him, disturbingly quiet as he followed him around the carnival grounds. He didn't have the strength to feel bad for how he talked to him, if he stopped and thought about it he'd break down again.

Finally getting frustrated walking around lost, Kai walked up to a man that had green hair and 50 piercings on his face who was working at a prize booth and asked where Madam Pyre was.

"Who?" the man asked, confused.

"She worked here yesterday, said she was a psychic, but everyone called her a witch." Kai shuffled impatiently.

"Son there's no psychic that travels with us." the man gave him an odd look before ignoring him to talk to the next customer in line.

Kai stood there frozen for a moment before someone yanked him out of the way. It was Achilles, his expression carefully blank. Kai shrugged him off and walked towards the parking lot. This was a big waste of time.

No sooner had he gotten to the edge of the carnival when a woman with red hair zipped past him in the corner of his eye. He spun on his heel and saw her duck behind a caravan a few feet away.

"Kai wait!" Achilles yelled when Kai ran after her.

He skidded to a stop behind the caravan to find the woman had been waiting for him, her arms crossed across her chest.

"You were looking for me?" she lifted a blue painted brow.

"What have you done to me?" Kai seethed, stepping into her space. "Whatever you did, take it back. Take off this stupid necklace and fix what you did!" he snapped.

Apparently taken aback, the woman was speechless until Achilles rounded the corner as well and glanced nervously between them.

"Ah. I see." her expression suddenly turned smug. "The pendant worked after all. Why are you angry then?" she asked in confusion.

"Why am I angry? This stupid thing," Kai gripped the necklace fiercely, "is making me see things! It's not real!" he yelled.

He didn't have to turn around to know there was a hurt expression on Achilles' face. It sent a faint pang of hurt through him and made the chain around his neck buzz slightly, but otherwise it remained quiet.

Madam Pyre tilted her head thoughtfully before responding.

"Just because he can't be seen by most people, doesn't make him not real." she glanced behind Kai at Achilles and winked.

Startled, Kai looked back and forth between them so fast is neck ached.

"Wait, can you see him!? Describe what he looks like."

"Tall, black hair, green eyes, devastatingly handsome; hey there." she appraised.

Kai's brows furrowed at her, crossing his arms.

"Why can only you see him? What does that make him?"

Madam Pyre nodded to the necklace. "It granted your wish. Bit ungrateful aren't ya?"

Kai almost exploded in anger if not for the warm hand that landed on his shoulder, tethering him.

"Why?" he gritted out. "Why me? Why did you give this to me?"

"Because you needed him." she motioned to Achilles. "And I'm a sucker for love stories." she sighed blissfully.

"Now if you'll excuse me, I have some business I need to take care of. See you soon."

"Wait-!" Kai reached to grab her arm, more questions on the tip of his tongue, but between one blink of his eye and the next she was gone.

"What. The. Hell." he breathed.