When I feel so full of doubt,

And cannot see any way out,

You're always there by my side,

So in your strength I may abide,

Til my own strength does return,

With your energy I do burn,

Your spirit so full of love and life,

I'm not able to see any strife,

Your soul so pure and strong,

With your friendship I can't go wrong,

When I'm depressed and feeling low,

Your cheerful ways you do show,

Your friendship envelopes and comforts me,

Without you, where would I be?

When hurt and problems I can't handle,

There you are, shining as a candle,

Whenever gray clouds darken my skies,

An inner light shines in your eyes,

And immediately all is well and bright,

For in life again I find delight,

In our friendship I find acceptance and comfort,

And when life brings me only hurt,

You're right there to guide me on my way,

You help me see friendship is here to stay,

But when I feel all I do is wrong and sin,

You're always there to show me I can win,

I don't know what I'd have done without you,

For then my life would truly be blue,

So I thank you and the stars above,


This was written for a woman and a GREAT friend of mine who I have known since we were 5. She went thru the years of sexual abuse with me, keeping my secret and offering her strength. She has never judged me or ridiculed me but has always loved and supported, comforted and ragged me when needed. We have been friends for 46 years now and will remain so until my dying breath:

Thank you for being my FRIEND–Sheri Trammell Faller