Why did you go?

Why did you leave?

The only thing left is to grieve,

We were mending at long last,

The troubled relationship in our past,

You went so fast, it just wasn't fair,

With empty arms and broken hearts, it seems noone really cares.

No time for goodbyes, not time for "I love you,"

No time together, the memories make me blue,

You did your best I now see,

You weren't to blame, it came from origin of family,

So much regret, so much pain,

See the sun & beauty but my heart only see the rain,

To have you back here with me,

T'would the greatest gift be.

I know the pain was hard to bear,

Where could we turn, where oh where?

You knew my oldest, but youngest you'll never know,

I see more of you in him as he grows,

I gave him your dad's name

And hoped you'd be proud and not feel shame.

The boys will know you by the words I speak,

So many things I'd hoped you could teach,

All that's left are memories I'll hold near,

All that's left are memories I'll hold dear.

A lot of bad but also good,

I wish back then I had understood,

As I let you go, I am deeply sad,

As I let you go, I whisper "I love you Dad!"

In Loving Memory of Glen Carl Vogt

Born: 6/3/41 Passed: 3/22/04

"We will miss you always and forever!"