You've been gone for almost 6 years now,

Life's gone on but I don't know how,

Bransun asks and talks about you all the time,

And Zaedan just doesn't understand why,

He wants to know where you are,

I tell him you are a bright and shining star,

We all miss you so very much,

Our memories we do share as such,

There are times we still want to call,

Then remember and our hearts fall,

You weren't suppose to leave,

Your death we still can't believe,

Zaedan wants to know about you all the time,

And his not being able to is just a crime,

With you he has missed a lot,

But I promise you, I'll never let you be forgot,

Pictures of you all over the place,

So they will never forget your face,

I swore they would always

know you,

And to this fact I have held true,

It's not the same as if you were here,

But we will always hold you near,

You are always in my mind and heart,

You will always be a part,

You'll always be their grandpa, my dad,

But without you, our lives are empty and sad,

I am glad we had mended our way,

Before you weren't able to stay,

I'm sorry I always said 'I hate you,'

I was wrong, this I so state,

I wish back then I had understood,

Then between us things could have been good,

To you I wish I'd shown my love more,

Oh dad, how I wish for the days of yore,

To go back in time and have a chance,

To change our unlucky happenstance,

I never had the chance to say goodbye,

I don't understand, I don't know why,

I just had to wait so very long,

Please know my regret is deep and strong,

Forgive me please, I do request,

With my deepest heartfelt behest,

I wish I could back and say,

That our lives we could replay,

I would say "I love you" more,

As we walked upon Tillamook's ocean shore,

I take the blame for the way things were,

I didn't help matters, animosity I did stir,

Now that you're gone and there's nothing I can do,

Except one more time whisper upon the breeze "I LOVE YOU!"

Glen Carl Vogt

Born June 3rd, 1941

Died March 22,2004