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It's waking up and not feeling right,
Shaking hands and explosions inside your head.
It's arguing with your family every night,
And reaching for the bottle beside the bed.

It's losing your home on one last bet,
Because you swore this time you'd won.
It's being up to your eyeballs in debt,
Seeing no way out and reaching for a gun.

It's wrapping your legs around a stranger's waist,
A strange sense of comfort mixed in with shame.
It's leaving their bed in a half-dressed haste,
Because you aren't even sure of their name.

It's slipping away from your own wedding,
And returning with cocaine under your nose.
It's not really caring where you are heading,
Trying a bit of everything because anything goes.

It's going to rehab, being strong, beating it,
Yet still having that voice inside your head.
It's using one last time, just one more hit,
And at a young age, ending up dead.

It's the only thing you think about,
Yet you can't admit that you've been afflicted.
It's the only thing you care about,
But there is no way that you're addicted.

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