Author's Commentary: It's official! This is the first story of Slash! I wrote it to feel like you are reading a cartoon. More Slash will be coming your way! Don't forget to check out my other stories and the all new Minerva. Enjoy!

Cookie Protector

By J. Sabo

The small town of Jamestown was your ordinary suburban town. It has its shops and restaurants, its share of attractions such as Old Timer the clock tower, Barnyard Farms just off the skirts of town, and suburban neighborhoods. And like every town, the people set it apart from it all. It so happens that this town is inhabited by cartoonish animals… but still townspeople nonetheless.

Of all these animals perhaps the weirdest and goofiest of them all was a young ferret by the name of Slash. He was a white furred ferret with a black stripe that runs down his left eye. He wore only white gloves and black shoes. You could ask anyone and their description of Slash would be, "Just plain weird…"

Despite all that, Slash was nonetheless a happy ferret. Almost every day he had a smile to show off. Today was different; Slash was frantically running down the sidewalk, swaying through people in his way. As the ferret passed other animals, they all would whisper, "There goes that weirdo."

The running finally stopped when Slash made it to his destination: a grocery store. "Gotta hurry!" Slash cried. He entered the store, making his way to the bakery, the only part of the store that mattered to him. You could ask anyone why this place was important to Slash and their explanation would be, "Chocolate Chip Cookies. Slash goes crazy for them."

The panicking ferret pulled out money as he ran down the aisle towards the bakery. Slash prayed that there was no line to the bakery. That's an unlikely thought; since when is there a line to get a cake or something? Those were one of Slash's paranoid thoughts whenever cookies were involved.

Down at the bakery, they were expecting Slash. And on cue, Slash appeared sliding on the waxed floor. He jumped to the front desk waving the money. "One bag of chocolate chip cookies please!" he asked. A kangaroo served Slash. "Legs?" Slash was confused. "You work here now?"

"Course I do, mate." He said in an Australian accent.

"I thought you worked as a roadie for Lita Ford?"

"Eh… Got too board with it." Legs the Kangaroo answered. Legs was described as the kangaroo who could do anything. "Where you going to work next time?" Slash asked with a raised brow. Legs gave Slash a confused look; the "what are you talking about look." "Huh?"

"Let's look at your resume." Slash pulled out a resume listing Legs's jobs. "You've been a contracter, a detective, a manager for a big company, a NASA astronaut who went up to the moon on the unnamed Apollo 19 mission…"

Legs jumped after Slash and grabbed him by the chest. "That mission is classified! If that was to get out NASA would hunt both of us down and the world will never see us again! Keep your muzzle zipped, aye!" Slash nodded. Calmed, Legs released Slash and back to his baker position. "Chocolate chip cookies ya said, right?" Slash nodded.

Legs hopped into the furnace. He grabbed five cookies, the regular amount for a bag. Placing them in the bag, Legs presented Slash with his favorite snack. Tongue out and drooling with hunger, Slash gave Legs the money. They switched money for the cookies. "Thanks mate." Legs stored the money in the cash register. "And keep that conspiracy to yaself mate!" only nodding, Slash stared down the bag of cookies.

With his cookies in hand, Slash wasted no time making it home. Slash lived in the suburbia of Jamestown, alongside other houses that looked like his. It wasn't hard to spot Slash's house from everyone else's; other houses didn't have a beat up small car with a for sale sign in front of their house. Every time Slash would approach his house, he would slide on the hood of the car into the yard then into the house.

Stepping inside his house, Slash walked over to the table and sat himself. With hunger in his stomach, Slash opened the bag and released the aroma of fresh cookies into the room. The smell reached his nostrils, making him drool more. "Time to devour these babies!" Slash took one cookie. Before the cookie could reach his mouth, two intruders came in. However it was his parents, Slim his father and his mother Shirna.

"Hey Slash," said Slim. "Brought us cookies?" Slash looked at his bag; he shoved it behind his back. "I have no clue what're saying, Dad." Shirna reached for the bag. "You shouldn't have." She said politely. These are my cookies… Slash thought as his mom and dad dug into the bag. Shirna pulled one cookie out, while his dad pulled two cookies out. "Thanks, my boy." Slim walked away, rubbing Slash's head.

Saddened, Slash took back the bag and peered in. There were only two left. "I guess two better than nothing." He would soon have nothing if the smell didn't attract another occupant of the house: Sherry, the Mouse Who Lives in Slash's House. She was the size of a regular house mouse and gotten on the family's bad side for taking their food, especially Slash's.

Sherry strolled from her mouse hole and to the table where Slash was sitting. She reached into the bag and pulled out the remaining cookies. Before departing back to her hole with the cookies, Sherry stared at Slash's blank face without saying anything.

"What just happened?"

Today was a new day. Slash had devised a plan for him to eat his cookies peacefully without disturbance. That plan went into motion once he bought a bag from the bakery. After another threat from Legs about the "Conspiracy of Apollo 19," Slash hurried home. He didn't go inside this time; no, he sat in the middle of the yard.

Looking to his sides to check it the coast was clear, which it was, Slash began. The sound of the bag opening brought his best friends over, his next door neighbors Dux Dog and Oreo the Cat. Dux was a big dog, taller than Slash, he was dimwitted but made up for it with his loyalty to his friends. Oreo was the brains to Dux; smaller than both Slash and Dux, she is a sensual cat, smart, and the responsible one in the trio of Slash, Dux and Oreo.

"Good afternoon, Slash." Oreo began. "What do you got there?"

Slash shielded his cookies. "Nothing."

A dog's smell is far more superior to a human's. This fact didn't stray from Dux. He sniffed the air and found the sweet smell of cookies. "Are those cookies?" he asked, tail wagging. Slash shook his head. "No…" he was terrible at lying, since he was just a little ferret. Anyone could figure Slash out, and Oreo had figured him out a long time ago. "May we have some?" Oreo asked.

Both of them had their hands out, waiting for cookies. Deep down in his gut, Slash wanted to keep all the cookies to himself, but darn it, he's a nice guy. "Fine…" Slash gave his friends two cookies each. "Thanks, Slash." Dux gobbled his two cookies like any dog would. Oreo took time to eat hers.

Slash now only had one cookie left. "This one is mine!" Slash opened his mouth and stuck the cookie in. His jaws were ready to chomp down, but he heard a hello from a feminine voice. He looked to his left and saw the female ferret, Saber the Ferret. She was about Slash's age, she wore a black shirt with a blue jacket, a black collar around her neck, a pink skirt and under that blue jeans, pink shoes, and finally a pink hat.

Embarrassed to have his mouth open, Slash removed the cookie. "Hi, Saber." He said his voice cracking. Saber has been a long friend of Slash, and a long love interest. He's never had the courage to tell her how he felt about her. But he didn't let the love emotion get in the way of a great friendship they have.

"I was on my way to my parents' restaurant and I thought I come by and say hi." Saber said.

"Glad you did." Slash looked at the cookie in his hand. "Want a cookie?" he asked. She looked at the cookie Slash handed to her. "Aw thanks Slash." She said. "You didn't have to though." she took a bite, and Slash again felt saddened that all his cookies were gone. "Don't worry about it. You can just buy me dinner at your restaurant." Both of them laughed. "Keep dreaming." Saber playfully responded.

Slash watched her walk away. "I want my free dinner!"

Another attempt to get a cookie in his belly has begun. Unfortunately, there was only one cookie left in the bakery and Slash got it. He kept the cookie hidden under his chest. Once he was alone in a part of town, Slash took the cookie out. "One cookie to rule them, one cookie to find them, one cookie to end my hunger and to make me happy!"

He held the cookie in front of him. In an instant, it was knapped by a flying seagull. Slash wasn't letting this get away. "Oh no you didn't!" Slash climbed up the building next to him. On the rooftops, he free ran till he caught up to the seagull. I'm like Assassin's Creed right now! Slash thought. He jumped to the air and grabbed hold of the seagull.

Still in the air, Slash punched the poor bird. "Give…me…my…cookie…back!" Slash yelled. The seagull received a black eye from Slash's punches. "Screw this!" said the bird. He released the cookie. Seeing the cookie fall, Slash released his grip on the bird and tried to catch up to the falling delicacy.

The cookie fell in a puddle of dirty water. Slash splattered on the ground, flattening him out. Once back to normal shape, Slash stared in horror as his cookie absorbed the water. "No!" he cried.

A large, muscular beagle came walking by. He is Bruiser Beagle, the town jerk. Nobody liked Bruiser, and he didn't like anyone else. Whoever got in his way got a good punch from his abnormally large fists. Anyway, he walked right on the soggy cookie and he lost friction with the ground. He slipped and fell on the ground. "Ow…" he cried in pain.

"Huh…" Slash was satisfied. "I guess that wasn't too much of a loss."

What was the point of trying to protect his cookies if they were only going to get stolen? So today, Slash bought a bag of cookies and did nothing to hide it from anyone. When he got home he wriggled the bag, jiggling the cookies inside. "Hey everyone!" Slash shouted. "I got cookies!" like moths to light, Slash's parents and Dux and Oreo beaconed to the bag. "That's right, get your cookies. Got 'em for you." Slash gave them the bag and walked away.

Shirna, Slim, Dux and Oreo grabbed their cookies and ate them. Their eyes watered to the taste of the cookies. They spat out the cookies. Slim examined the cookie he ate. "Ah… cranberry." The group didn't like cranberry cookies. That's what someone wants in a sugary treat, a healthy snack mixed in. They gave their share to Dux, who didn't care. He ate them all.

From the other side of the house, Slash devoured all the chocolate chip cookies in the real bag he kept. "I sure do love me some cookies." He said with cookie crumbs covering his muzzle.

Seeya Later!