A/C: Here's your early Christmas present, a Christmas poem about the night before Christmas. I know it's long, but it's also a story in itself. This one is centered around Sherry, the mouse that lives in Slash's house. Enjoy!

Sherry's Night Before Christmas

By Imagination Creations

It was the Night Before Christmas, and all through Slash's house,

Not a creature was stirring, except Sherry the Mouse,

She waited for everyone to fall asleep, all snug in their beds,

For the food in the fridge she'll devour, the feast tomorrow they'll be fed,

The small mouse raided the fridge, taking the potatoes, the corn, the turkey,

She ate it in such a hurry,

Suddenly, a thud in the living room stopped the mouse in her tracks,

In a quick flash, Sherry shoved what was left of the food in the fridge and slammed it back,

She investigated the thud, and to her surprise, was a not so jolly St. Nick,

He stood there with a serious look, his suit strong and thick,

Sherry knew she was in trouble, and she felt bad,

St. Nick left her no presents, no gifts, none she could say she's ever had,

The gift giver left the house, leaving Sherry awestruck,

A good Christmas morning, Sherry was out of luck,

She knew what she did was wrong, and Slash and his parents would be mad and sad,

Of all the bad things she's done, this was beyond bad,

Sherry jumped into actions, knowing what she must do,

To make the same Christmas dinner the Ferrets knew,

She cooked everything just right,

It wasn't easy; it will take her the entire night,

The turkey, heavenly hash, candied yams, and mashed potatoes,

The kind of food that would make even Santa say Ho Ho Ho,

Christmas morn had come once again, and Slash raced down the stairs,

His parents soon followed him, with droopy eyes and messy hair,

There were presents a plenty, all wrapped in pretty wrapping,

Slash and the parents couldn't have been wished for a better morning ending,

However, there was still one present left, one left for a certain mouse,

Slash's mother searched for Sherry, all over the house,

She found her in the kitchen, asleep in an empty bowl,

She had cooked the entire dinner, and Shirna put Sherry away in her hole,

Sherry awoke around dinner time, feeling a little better that she fixed the wrong,

Maybe now, Slash, Shirna, and Slim will invite her for some eggnog and songs,

The dinner was perfect, and they didn't know that she ate it Christmas Eve,

Sherry joined them, then she thought it appropriate to leave,

Before, Slash gave her the present left under the tree,

Shocked, Sherry was happy and full of glee,

It was just what she wanted, a giant wheel of cheese,

Santa didn't forget about her,

Sherry now knew that it's easy to do bad things,

But when you can make up for it, it's a carol we can all sing.

Seeya Later! An Merry Christmas!