Everyone grows older year by year,

So cherish those moments, hold them dear,

We never know what life may bring,

So celebrate life, lift your voice and sing,

There are good times and bad, even sorrow,

Noone knows what will happen tomorrow,

So live life, love life, enjoy life all,

And pick yourself up if you should fall,

Life brings us so many things,

Family and friends to comfort many stings,

With loved ones you should surround,

And live your life and let love abound,

Sun shines bright, the moon's glorious light,

The twinkling stars blanket the night,

Life goes on where death does end,

So grab a hold my endearing friend,

Animals give joy, plants give air,

The wonders of this world, let us share,

So let us laugh and let us play I say,

For tomorrow shall become today,

Look for peace and look for love,

It's all around us, here on earth and up above,

We all face problems and various trials,

It depends on us if we survive or revile,

We all think in different mode,

So be generous and kind, make it a code,

If we would all show we care,

The bad in life may not ensnare,

So open your mind and share your heart,

So you may help and play a part,

To lift another who's spirit is down,

And help them smile and change a frown,

Show someone you love you, please do,

And show them that this is true,

For if one person starts this off,

Others may follow and noone scoff,

So open your heart to all you meet,

And more may follow and thus repeat,

It just takes one to make a stand,

As we go heart to heart and hand in hand!