Inspired by a story for school. I'll post the story one day...

Am I a bad person?

Am I so arrogant- selfish and unjust- that I don't see? Is all I work for, all I hope for, a waste? Am I so pitiful that God himself weeps? The rain that falls, does it fall as angels cry? Does my mother question what I am, who I am? All I am?

And what is there? All that's there is cold. All that's there is stone and weak. It's callous and frail. All I am is pitiful. I do not see, I do not hear, as the world does. I feel as though I am empty. Is that all I am?

All I am is failure. All I am is miserable. Melancholy visits, and oh! How it lasts! It's stays with me, just as you've left. It reminds me of my fear, of how I have not lived. All I am, is fear for a life I might have lived.