A/N: I was going to publish this one on Halloween, but hey, why wait?

The Creature of the Scarlet Mist

Come down to the scarlet misted swamp

There's a demon lurking there

And when it's on a wild romp

Let's just say it's really rare

For there to be no people dead

Didn't you wonder why the mist is red?

It has fangs dripping and gleaming

That it thrusts into human throats

And then blood goes gushing and streaming

Then back to the swamp it floats

But very soon it will return

To attack and feast on blood again

And things that'll make your stomach churn

Good luck, women, children, and men!

Because soon you'll all be deceased

And how often does it feast?

More and more often these days

It leaves its crimson soaked lair

To rampage in a blood induced craze

Then organs will spill and skin will tear

But it leaves no bodies and gore

Because through the night hours

That's all the demon devours

It has killed more than any war

If you see it, you could run

But your life's by then done