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It's a little more dramatic that the first one. But I do hope that you enjoy.

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by: urtenshii

Chapter 1: Naïveté

The group celebrated Noah Parker and Jane Trevors' sudden change in relationship status. Melissa Yale, Jane's best friend, wasn't surprised. She was positive something was bound to happen between those two, sooner or later. Unfortunately, her friend was too dense to realize things that it took almost losing Noah before she admitted to her feelings. As nice as Jane was, she was still quite innocent when it comes to relationships. She's very kind and managed to get along with people having different personalities. She's kinda boyish with a certain love for sports and distaste for several things that are girly, skirts and bows included.

Melissa hoped she wouldn't have to go through all the pain if she'll be having her turn and that she won't be that hurt when it's over. Her heart's still fragile and though she didn't tell anyone, she was still sore about a certain someone. Holding her head high, she erased whatever worries were on her mind. She shouldn't mind about those things because she was sure that she's not gonna experience that soon. She wasn't exactly attractive enough to gain attention.

She wasn't tall and wasn't slim. Her skin wasn't smooth or fair enough and her eyes were too wide. Her hair was forever in disarray and refused to be tamed in any means possible. She was quite comfortable with herself but she knew she wasn't that smart or that talented. She was your plain average girl. Someone who'll easily be ignored in a school filled with admirable women, five of which are her closest friends.

"Girl! Are you even listening to me?" Stephanie Price shouted in front of her face.

She blinked a dozen times before smiling sheepishly at her friend and asking, "You were saying?"

Stephanie blew her bangs out of her eyes. Would her dear friend ever change? Her ability to tune out of a conversation is unlike any other. She looks at you as if she was very much engrossed in what you were saying but the moment that you asked for her opinion she'll just blink and ask you what you were talking about. It's definitely frustrating. Fortunately, she has several redeeming qualities. She's smart, especially with numbers. She's a loyal and good friend and an honest daughter. She's also a very talented dancer. Unfortunately, she doesn't exactly see that because of her several insecurities.

Steph, on the other hand, was very quick with conversations. She has a sense of humor that would never bore you and her cheery personality would bring you the sunshine. She's evasive when it comes to her personal life but she listens well to those of others. She could keep secrets if she tried really hard but she also enjoys using them as blackmail. She wasn't exactly very good looking but she wasn't ugly either. With her small frame, sharp eyes and smiling lips, she considered herself creative and fashionable.

"I'm sorry. I just got sidetracked," Melissa tried again to which Heather Valentine merely replied with, "Sorry? Yeah right. Then, you do it all over again."

Melissa smiled apologetically at her friend who continued frowning at her. Heath may look real evil but they knew she's actually a very nice person. She just has a very short temper which often spontaneously explodes especially when she's a few meters away from someone she hates or if she gets pissed. She's very frank and sometimes harsh with her words but it's all just part of her hard exterior. Inside, she's really a fun loving girl who loves her friends and her family a lot. Physically though, she was unique with creamy skin, brownish-black hair and large eyes. Her features mash-up to result in an alluring combination that drives men mad.

"Aw c'mon Heath. We don't want to make Mel cry," Stella Vincent commented, with her usual small smile. She's the nicer girl in the group and the only one who doesn't tease the others to death. She's practically game with anything and everything and knew a wide range of people. She's been in and out of several relationships and has an unbelievably fast rate of moving on, something which Melissa really adored. She'll probably do anything just to know that trick. She guessed it has something with her always finding someone new a few days after her break-up. It was attributed both to her caring nature and her exotic face. Though barely reaching five feet, she had an adorable face all thanks to those to-die-for dimples. Her eyes were wide and inviting and her lips are full and currently painted a bold red.

"Yeah, yeah, whatever," Heather grudgingly agreed. She was still glaring but the intensity was greatly decreased because of the smile that was creeping up into her lips. "Just try not to be so late next time."

Melissa was about to open her mouth when suddenly a familiar voice piped in, "Late? Who's late? Are you talking about me now?"

And their other friend, Allen Peters arrived, with the usual cocky grin that never seemed to leave his face. He situated himself on the only seat available which was beside Mel. This, of course, caused the male-phobic girl to stiffen in obvious discomfort.

Melissa knew she shouldn't be nervous around men but she still is. Even if Allen was just another friend of theirs, she couldn't help but be cautious. As happy-go-lucky as he is, she didn't fail to notice that slight dangerous look he had in his eyes. He wasn't exactly handsome but there was charm, a hell lot of it. He's witty and funny and has been a good friend to them but she still wasn't ready to trust him even after a year of being classmates. Tanned and lean with a silver stud in his left ear and that Mohawk for a hair, she knew he wasn't someone that she should take lightly. But then again, maybe it was just her and her over-active senses when it comes to men. She was just hoping that she wasn't too obvious.

But however hard she tried to keep it unnoticed, it never escaped the ever-perceptive eyes of Noelle Tracy. Nothing ever gets past her. She's frank and she's one you wouldn't want to anger. She's one of those academically-inclined people who, unusually, loves to dress herself up and enjoys going out with her friends. She was striking with a curvy body and beautiful, black hair that reaches up to the middle of her back. She was gifted with high cheekbones; a long, straight nose; a stubborn chin and full lips. She roamed her contemplating, black eyes in the group, one that could leave you squirming when it was directed to you, and realized no one ever noticed Melissa's obvious change in demeanor. Sighing, she decided to answer Allen's question, herself.

Allen nodded in understanding and turned to the girl beside him, much to her displeasure.

"Maybe I should give you an alarm clock so that you're always gonna be on time," he declared. "Or better yet, I'll be your alarm clock," and he paired this off with a suggestive wiggle of his eyebrows which obviously caused Melissa to pale. On the other hand, he got bland looks from the rest of the group.

This was another trait of the guy that they all hated: his obvious love for corny jokes and pick-up lines.

"Was that supposed to be a joke?" Stephanie demanded while Allen burst into a round of laughter.

"Give him a coin, people! Maybe he'll find someone that'll talk to him," Heather declared with that usual ferocity that she had while Melissa recovered from the initial stage of shock. She hated how she can't joke easily with boys. It was annoying and frustrating.

"But you gotta admit, it was funny," Allen insisted.

"Yeah, right. Whatever dork," Stephanie teased, with that annoyed looked on her face.

"Hi friends!" Jane announced, suddenly materializing out of thin air. Her face was bright with obvious happiness and her skin has that happy glow that is a tell-tale sign of her being in love. She let her silky black hair down so that it reaches past her shoulder. She had a small frame even though she was very tall. Anyone could look into her eyes and see a woman who was contented with her man. Her lips were cute and was usually seen curved to a smile. Though pretty, she doesn't indulge herself in anything girly and mostly enjoyed the opposite gender's taste, ranging from sports, music and even clothing. She's easy to talk to and very cheerful.

Currently, all her other friends wanted to pry something out of her mouth, preferably those concerning her relationship with Noah Parker.

"Soooo, Jane, how does it feel to be in a relationship?" Noelle teased, smirking.

She simply gave them that embarrassed smile and shrugged her shoulders. This, of course, led to howls and screeches from her friends. She could only shake her head and roll her eyes. What was she expecting? Still, though, she's happy with Noah and she'd like to remain this way for a long while.

"Okay enough already. What did you call me here for?" she demanded.

"We just wanted to disturb your date with Noah. We miss you, Jane," Melissa said, with the huge grin. Still, though, she was partly serious. Jane's been hard to catch lately and she wasn't used to it. She usually was just one text away. But now, she was too preoccupied with someone else to give time to them. She's happy for her, though. She had never seen Jane look like this. Her friend was basically floating in the clouds of love.

"Oh really," Jane replied, grinning. "Let's go out then. Tomorrow? 9?"

"Game!" they all shouted in unison.

Melissa was glad. Things haven't changed that much, after all.

"Now that that's settled, we'll have to go. We still have a class to catch," Noelle stood up, flanked by Stephanie and Stella. They looked like a powerful trio, all so sure and confident of themselves. They were very independent and Melissa could only look up to them.

"Same goes for us," Heather declared, which was closely followed by Jane. "See you tomorrow, girl. Bye!"

"Bye! Bye!" Melissa waved to her five friends and started to stand when a hand curled around her arm to stop her. She looked around to meet the unreadable eyes of Allen. A moment passed before she managed to jerk her hand away and scramble a foot away from him.

Allen managed to swallow the chuckle that somehow made its way into his throat. She looked like a deer crossed in the headlights. Truth is, she looked like that every time she had direct, physical contact with a male. At first, he thought he was just imagining the slight widening of the eyes, sudden silence and abrupt change in demeanor. But the more that he hung-out with the group, the more he realized that it wasn't anything imaginary. And he was going to find out why.

Not because he was romantically interested in her, of course not. She wasn't his type. She wasn't even beautiful with that untamed hair, chubby built and naïve look. In fact, he looked at her more like a lost puppy than a girl. He was just plain curios. How could this cheerful, young girl turn to stone in the presence of the opposite sex?

"You look like you've seen a monster," he lazily grinned.

Maybe she did. That touch, however casual it seemed, was something that she wasn't used to. And something that she didn't want happening again. Ever.

"You think?" She gave a nervous laugh that obviously sounded forced to both of them. "Maybe you're just imagining things."

He raised an amused eyebrow and wondered if the girl in front of him would even manage to lie to save her own life. She was too dense, too obvious, and too unbearably sweet for his taste. As frustrating as these traits could be, he wouldn't blame her. It was something that was innate in her. Asking her to stop being these things would mean asking her to be a whole new person. He wouldn't do that. It wasn't right. But he was so much more interested in her apparent fear and distrust of men.

"Maybe I was," he replied, deciding to let her off the hook easily. The sigh of relief that came from her was something that didn't go unnoticed by his eyes. He made no comment on this however and impulsively offered, "I have to attend a party somewhere in your neighborhood. Want a lift?"

She blinked once. Twice. Thrice. But she really did seem to hear him offer her a ride home. It was stupid and impossible but she gave him a small smile and asked, "What did you just say?"

He thought she was only slow. He didn't realize she was deaf, too.

"I was offering you a ride."

"Oh," was her very intelligent reply.

He subtly looked up to the heavens to ask for support. His temper was running low and it wouldn't do good for both of them if he'll just burst here and start lecturing her about keeping her brain in her head. However, one look at her confused face had him snapping.

He snatched her wrist and half-dragged her outside campus. He was well aware that she was struggling to keep up with his fast pace and that his grip had gotten stronger than necessary. But he didn't stop and since he didn't feel any resistance, he rejected the idea of letting her go.

She could only follow him because she was too stunned to do anything, otherwise. She had never been in this position before and hadn't expected to be in one. She was half-stumbling while he pulled her along and her wrist was starting to hurt because of the steel-grip that he had on her. Her mind was blank, automatically shutting down when she realized it was filled with too many questions she can't begin to answer.

He led them both to his car and made sure she safely got in before walking over to his side, starting the engine and taking off.

The ride was generally quiet. No words were exchanged between them. The music, blaring from the radio, did nothing to erase the tension between the two. He fought down his temper while she controlled the panic that threatened to engulf her any second. He was, in all honesty, a stranger to her. But here she is, sitting down in the passenger seat of his car. What could frighten her more?

"Where do I go from here?" he asked as he entered their neighborhood. It took her a time to recover from the surprise and when she did, he had to repeat the question because her brain missed the first time. Luckily though, they managed to arrive safely in her own home.

She exhaled slowly and before she could thank the heavens for arriving safely, she felt a hand on her arm, stopping her from going out of the car. Somehow, this guy had managed to touch her more than the average male has, since kindergarten. It was both unnerving and annoying.

"What do you want?" some of the annoyance seeped into her words that it came out rather harsher than she meant it.

"Answers," he told her, intensely looking into her eyes that were so heavily guarded with innocence like that of a child's. How could one lonely lady look like a kid who didn't receive a gift for Christmas?

"I don't know what you mean."

"I'd like to tell you that you're lying and then force the real answer out of you. Unfortunately, other than the fact that I hate arguing, I can see it very clear on your beautiful eyes that you had no notion of what I'm talking about," he sympathetically told her, giving a small smile.

"Now you're confusing me further," she pouted despite the situation.

"Nope. You're the only ones who could confuse yourself. You always do. As for me," he leaned closer so that their noses were almost touching, "I still couldn't decide if I should consider your naïveté as a gift or a curse."

"Okay. Do know that I still don't understand you."

He smiled, a small self-satisfied smirk. "I know. Let's just let it stay that way for now."

With that he let her go and she hurriedly made her way out of his car. However, while he pulled away from her residence, she couldn't help but ask, "He thinks I have beautiful eyes?"

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