Harboring doubt

Comes naturally to us.

Worry and fear are constant

And accepted.

Lies are told to protect the truth.

But what is the truth?

The truth is long forgotten,

A whisper miles away.

Truth lives in solitude,

Alone and lost in a barren desert.

So little truth left,

And what's left is banished and unspoken of,

For who would want to spoil his tongue

With the foul words of honesty?

To poison his lips

By uttering a word of truth?

Why waste words

To say what is hanging in the air?

Clear to all,

Suspended before our closed eyes?


We speak to rid the world of these truths,

For we believe that is the only alternative

To speaking them.

But the cruel truths are only made cruel by us.


Cruel, beautiful.

The truth

Is lost forever.