Hi, I am Penut, or so I thought. And this is my diary. First off on the first page, I'm gonna write some questions people ask me and it's irritating, so I'm using this as a reference.

Qn: How To smack a woman's head?

Ans: You smack her head.

Qn: You know right?...

Ans: No, I don't know.

Qn: What's up?

Ans: Sky/ Ceiling.

Qn: How's life?

Ans: Why life?

Qn: Are you picking a fight?

Ans: Pickin' strawberries.

Qn: Can't you pick on someone your own size?

Ans: They're too heavy.

Qn: Is that…?

Ans: No.

Overall: Whenever you don't know an answer, say 'maybe'


Qn: Are you ok?

Ans: Maybe

Qn: Can you do better?

Ans: Maybe

Qn: What is your name?

Ans: Maybe

Qn: Where do you live?

Ans: Maybe

Qn: Are you man or woman?

Ans: Maybe