Dear Diary

I had a horrible day today.

Someone ate my pencil. It was my only pencil. And it was pink!

And I said, "Timmy O Jingles! HOW COULD YOU?!" And I was punched. In the face. With a table.

It didn't really hurt. I was used to it. But the table was broken and I had to pay for it. Aww man.

And I said to the principle, "Timmy O Jingles! IT WASN'T MY FAULT!" And I was expelled.

It started raining and I got drenched. Then I realized it was acid rain and my eyes were burnt

And I shouted, "Timmy O Jingles! WHY?!" And a random passer by slapped me.

And that's when I realized that " Timmy O Jingles" means you're fat in gibberish. Yes. And I never said it again.

Well, it's late now, before someone finds my diary. I'm gonna hide it within the bushes. Bye!