Inspector Conrad In The Case Of The Missing Tape

by The Rocket Master

It was a beautiful day in the city. The sun was shining, the birds were singing... and me? I'm Inspector Conrad, and i was stuck in the office, waiting for my next case. Then i got a call on the phone. It was my boss, Mr. Shepard. "Conrad! A tape was stolen last night from the 34th precinct evidence room! Get on it right away!", he yelled and hung up. I told my secretary, Mrs. Macy, to call my partner, O'Gilligan. No sooner than i asked her, O'Gilligan showed up. "Sorry it took me so long, Conrad. My car was busted so i had to take it to the shop.", he said. "No time to worry about that. We got our next case!", i said. The chief was very eager to nab whoever was responsible for this crime. "If i remember right, that tape had the evidence we need to bust the McEnroy crime ring.", O'Gilligan added. "The McEnroys? Oh, you mean that group of people who commited those robberies last month?", i asked. And i was right. The McEnroys were a high profile crime family who operated from within the city. I told O'Gilligan "We'll take my car, since yours is broken." Then we went to the 34th precinct to gather clues. The woman in the reception area showed us inside. "Ah, Inspector Conrad and your partner, O'Gilligan! Just the men we wanted!" Mr. Belvedere, the chief of the 34th precinct, said. "No need for that", i said, "we have a case to solve!". Then, they explained that, despite tight security in the evidence room, a hired agent for the McEnroys was able to sneak in and steal the tape.

We started our investigation. O'Gilligan noticed fingerprints where the tape was. "I think we found something, sir." he said. O'Gilligan said that the fingerprints probably belonged to the thief, but he wasn't sure. "We'll have to run these through our database", Belvedere said. We went to the department's computer room. The person sitting behind the computer said "What can i do for you today, gentlemen?" The chief said that he wanted to check the database for the fingerprints we found earlier. "We'll soon find a match!" he said. The person typed something into the computer, and in a few seconds, the computer screen read "Richard McEnroy". "Of course! I knew it was him all along!" i said. Then i told the chief that Richard McEnroy was involved in the murder of 14 year old Stewart Billigan, but he was unfortunate enough to leave incriminating evidence on the tape. "Boy, was he stupid! Confessing to the murder of Billigan like that." "That tape is the evidence we need to charge him with theft and murder", i said.

We then went to the gang's hideout, only to find that there were hired guns guarding it. We decided to use diplomacy. "We're here to see Mr. McEnroy, please". "He's not to be disturbed. Beat it!", they said. After that plan failed, we tried force. The people were armed with 7mm pistols. We struggled with them for a while, but we won. They retreated. We went inside the building, only to discover that McEnroy was waiting for us. "Mr. Conrad. And that goody-two-shoes O'Gilligan. My men have been waiting for you". "Cut the small talk, McEnroy! We came for the tape. Hand it over!" "You want the tape? I hid it at pier 24, and it's guarded. You'll never find it! Ha ha ha!"

After a long battle with McEnroy, we found out that he hid the tape in a locker with a number lock and that he knew the combination. "Tell us the code, McEnroy!" "Me? Tell you the code? You must be dumber than you look, inspector!" "Give us the code, and we'll give you a light sentence". "Okay, okay", he said, and told us the combination. We went to pier 24, told the men there that McEnroy cooperated, and retrieved the tape.

I and O'Gilligan went back to the office and told our boss what happened. Then we went to the city hall, where the boss was planning to give us an award. "On behalf of fine upstanding citizens everywhere, i award you this medal". We were happy that we received our reward for a hard day's work.