The sky at night is so dark
It shows little, it shows much
It's like a natural canvas
With God's artistic touch

Stars are scattered far and wide
Like diamonds they twinkle and shine
I reach forward to grasp hold of one
Wishing deeply it was mine

Constellations show us pictures
Stories that must be told
They are full of magic and wonder
Enchanting young and old

The moon is shining brightly
Like a lantern to the Earth
Highlighting houses, trees and lakes
Flowers, creatures, cars and turf

The moon has many shapes
from full to glowing crescent
Striking awe into the hearts
of royals and the peasants

The sky is sometimes naked
without its cloudy quilt
However when it is there
It looks like cotton has been spilt

The clouds give beauty to the sky
as it wraps tightly round the moon
The gentle breeze that pushes them
Seem to whistle a haunted tune

The sky holds many secrets
hidden beneath its black paint
Too many to uncover
it will cause us all to faint

Planets, galaxies and stars
are scattered everywhere
but what can we all do
we can only sit and stare

The glue that holds the glittery stars
may become weak and drop a light
The star that falls or shoots across
is such a splendid sight

The night sky is never boring
no two skies are the same
The moon keeps changing, the stars keep moving
Mother Nature plays her game

It's amazing how magical
the night is to our eyes
But one thing is for certain
I love our blackest sky