What Colour Is Oblivion?

I've often wondered
What it would feel like to die.
What would my eyes see

At the very last?
Does oblivion come in
White, or is it black?

I guess I'll find out
When I meet my own demise.
But when will that be?

Don't care, not really.
I would give up life at once
If it would save her…

… Make a difference.
But she would refuse the gift,
She wouldn't want it.

But it's mine to give.
It has been for long enough,
Though she may not know.

But she must know that!
I'd be shocked if she did not…
Then I remember:

Her brain is broken.
Her eyes do not see clearly.
Her heart beats no more.

Yet she is alive.
Her subconscious and I are
Fighting it each day

For she can't do it.
She'd see oblivion now,
But we shove it out.

It will not touch her.
Not whilst I fight for her life.
The wounds are worth it.
Her heart loves no one.
None but me. Yes, she loves me.
Her everything.

I am her anchor
To this crap reality.
And I'd rather live.

We are survivors.
Well, I am. But she is not.
So I'll make her one.

Even if I die,
I will force her to survive.
Maybe that is why

She hates, hates, us all.
Even though we show her love
She cannot see it.

Then I remember
Her eyes do not see clearly.
They don't see at all.

And then I wonder:
Can she see oblivion
That lies before her?

And if she sees it,
What colour is her ending?
Black night, or sharp white.