Chapter One - Teacher's Pet

I reclined in the teacher's chair, twirling a freshly sharpened pencil between my pointer and middle finger. I gazed out at the students as they quickly scribbled down answers on their tests. I wasn't really a teacher; I was actually only the teacher's assistant. I was awaiting for their real teacher to return from the photocopying room. The students preferred her around – well – at least the male students did. They adored her figure. She was slim and chest with long, golden, wavy hair down to her waist and shining blue eyes. Teenagers these days; always seemed to have something else on their minds.

Soon the test time was over I stood up. I collected the students test papers and placed them on the teacher's desk. The student had a few minutes left of class before the school day. Since the teacher had nt left returned I let them have free time. I spent that time marking their tests. I realized how much better the boys did when there was no teacher distraction.

Right as the bell rang the teacher walked in. The students flocked out, some boys stopped to eye the teacher and say good bye. I kept my gaze fixed on the test papers. The teacher watched her students leave before looking at me. She elegantly strolled over to the desk side. I glanced up at her she was sporting a tight white blouse that wasn't buttoned up all the way. She had a short black shirt resting low on her hips showing a ring of skin.

"Hello Mr. Flemming," she cooed pressing upwards on the stack of papers in her arms to exaggerate her chest size. I sighed and looked at her.

"Mrs. Lotts, must you always dress – and ask – like a high school girl?" I asked genuinely. Mrs Lotts pouted and set her stack on the desk. She pressed her palms on the desk surface and leaned forward.

"Maybe I am trying to surround myself in their ways to understand them better, ever think of that?" she cooed. I returned to marking and she sighed. She grabbed a folder before walking over to a spare desk. She sat on top of a desk and crossed her legs on one another. I peered up to see a view of pink under her skirt. She was quiet a child considering her age. She was in her early 30s as was I. The only reason she was a teacher and I wasn't was our experiences. She became a teacher as soon as possible while I dabbed in a few fields.

Mrs. Lotts looked up to see me looking at her. I had actually zoned out at that point but she saw it differently. She smiled at me but not a sweet, happy smile but a devious smile. She had something dirty on her mind. I quickly looked back down. She had always had her eyes on me since I was assigned to be her assistant. I didn't know what she saw in me. Sure, back in my teenage years I was a quarter back but I wasn't as well build as I was then. I was lean and tall with a mild build. I had developed my adult-like 5 o'clock shadow that matched my chocolate brown hair. Then there were my eyes, a strange cargo-green.

I looked up at the clock and realized two hour had past. The only people left in the school would be us and the janitors. There were no afterschool events on Mondays. The thought of me being alone in a room with Mrs. Lotts was bone chilling. I usually tried to avoid it.

I began cleaning up the desk, locking away the files. When I looked up I saw Mrs. Lotts standing in front of the desk. I realized she was fiddling with her top, buttoned-up button. I closed my eyes and pressed my pointer and thumb into the corner of my eyes.

"Mrs. Lotts please, I have told you a thousand times to stop-" When I opened my eyes I realized she had completely unbuttoned her blouse. I crossed her arms under her chest, pushing up on her pink bra that cradled her chest.

"It's a matching set y'know," she cooed seductively. I closed my eyes as though she would vanish as a result. I slowly opened them only to get tackled into the chalkboard behind me. I winces slightly as the wood ledge dug into my back. I straightened my legs out in front of my so only my shoulders and head against the board. Once again, Mrs. Lotts misinterpreted my actions. She pushed herself up onto my hips, resting her knees on the wood ledge. Her skirt fell back, resting on her hips, re-exposing her underwear.

I was about to protest her actions but instead she kissed me tenderly. I tried to push her away but she had and iron grip on me. Despite her small, fragile appearance she was like an ox. That or I was getting weaker.

Eventually she got to a point where she was slipping her tongue into my mouth. At times she had it thrusted so far back I was practically choking on it. She began running her tongue across mine. Every time she pushed back she deposited saliva into my mouth. Between mine and hers it was starting t become too much. Great, one more thing to choke on.

I soon managed to pry her lips from mine. She pulled her head back and gazed at me. Excess saliva seeped down the crevices of my lips as I struggled not to spit it out on the floor. He leaned in for another session but I covered her mouth and slid her off me. I walked over to the garbage beside her desk and spat in it. When I was wiping my mouth I felt her hug me from behind. That wasn't so bad.

Up until she shoved her hand down the front of my pants. With my luck there was still cloth between her hand and myself. I grabbed her forearm with intentions to remove her. I was displeased when she gripped my groin area. I released a small "Urk" sound but not out of pain, but out of slight pleasure. I mean is there a guy out there who can sit through a girl unbuttoning her blouse, having an intense make-out session (even if it was one sided) then get touched there without feeling the slightest pleasure?! Well regardless, it wasn't enough to forgive her intrusive, inappropriate behaviour,

"Mrs Lotts please-"

"Stephanie!" she interrupted.

"What?" I replied. She pulled our bodies closer together and smiled.

"Call me Stephanie, just like I call you Aurthur," she cooed. It was true, when there were no students around she did call me Aurthur. I never called her Stephanie, though. It was practically taboo for teachers to say their first name in front of students.

I instantly began removing Stephanie from my pants. She gripped again and I "Urked" again. "I'll call you that when you get out of my pants!" I barked. Stephanie instantly pulled out and stepped back. I sighed in relief and turned to her.

"Don't you like it?" she crooned grabbing my belt-loops and pulling me closer. I pryed her hands off me and sighed.

"That's aside the point, I won't do this in a school," I hissed. Stephanie sat on her desk and looked at me.

"Why not?" she questioned.

"For a couple reasons: One; there is no protection. I don't want to deal with the problems that follow that. Two; it would be very awkward if one of the janitors walked in on us. Not to mention I don't do that unless I've been dating the person for a while," I explained. Stephanie bit her lip.

"How about a date and then we do it?" he offered. I shook my head.

"Minimum is three," I countered.

"Two," she refuted. I scratched my chin thinking.

"Two and I have the right to refuse, three and I will do it regardless," I proposed. She gazed into my eyes for a while before shifting around uncomfortably.

"Option A please."