If love was living breathing thing,

I imagine it would look a lot like you.

Your warm eyes speak to me with silent words

That emblazen themselves on my heart like a tattoo.

Like a thief hidden deep in night's darkness,

You crept in and stole my heart without trying.

I was too lost in your beauty to put up a fight,

And I gave myself to you without you noticing.

You're my solace and my home away home:

In your arms I feel complete and at peace.

In this moment I feel your heart so close to mine,

And I feel myself grow stronger with each beat.

People say never to trust the Queen of Hearts:

She'll only break you down in the end;

But I'll lay my heart out on the table every time,

If only to be able to call you my friend.

Hold me if you can, and love me if you dare:

I believe you could tame my skittish heart.

I'll be whatever you need me to be:

To me you're God's greatest work of art.