Same Destination; Different Means

It came upon the midnight dreary

and I was really, really weary.

I looked upon the beaten track

and saw my footsteps leading back


I know that walking takes some time,

but when you're weary it's sublime.

I will walk forward, never back

To backtrack is a longer path.


I walk through water, warm and wet;

I walk through land, green and set.

I'm walking forward, never back

until I leave the beaten track.


In leaving I encounter trouble,

causing me to run on double

going quickly, moonlight stills;

within the sky, across the hills


I still as well and notice tracks.

It seems I never can go back;

I never left the common road,

I merely took one less corrode!


I look ahead and see a light;

It's wondrous to my dampened sight.

I sigh and walk ahead once more

Full Circle done, Home is galore.