You just want to be [Normal]

But be careful, Little Girl

[Normal] is overrated

{Yeah, everyone says that}

[Normal] is just another f-a-c-a-d-é

Darling, I know it looks e.a.s.y

But [Normal] is hard,

It's hard to pretend

It's hard to l-i-e

{But what do I know, right?}


It used to be me, Little Girl

And lemme tell you,

Those so-called [Normals]

They have secrets

(Dirty, nasty ones)

They're all lying to themselves

And everyone else


The p-r-e-t-e-n-d-e-r-s

They're always the first to c/r/a/c/k

They're all trying to hide their secrets

But Darling, secrets don't like to hide

Secrets have a funny habit of coming into the l~i~g~h~t

(And the results can be disastrous)


You never know when an old secret

(An old lie)

Will come back to bite you

{Right on the ass}

You can never get out of that kinda hole


You'll never be [Normal] enough

Not for those liars at least

{But do you really want to be good enough for a l/i/a/r?}