The Ace of Swords is a symbol of power, as in a powerful sword, used to do something powerful, like destroy something, and thus resolve problems. It can also be defined as using power to come to a desired end…


Timmy was an average dictator. He had a magical sword that he used to kill people with. Throughout a normal week, he would slay one dragon and 17 men. However, today was not a normal week, nor was it even a normal day. Today was the equinox of the Autumn Festival; the day meant for gladiatorial arenas and deadly games of sport! It was also the prophesized day of Rising! On this day, a magical dragon was to rise and take over the world!

"I will defeat this dragon," said Dictator Timmy, while posing with his long, flowing blond hair, tight black jumpsuit, and Darth Vader cape rolling gently in the wind. Timmy brandished his Sword of Magic and declared that he was going to find this magical dragon. As he left his kingdom, the people rejoiced at the thought of his death. Timmy huffed and left.

As Timmy was walking up a hill nearby, it cracked and he fell into the newly made chasm. As he fell he screamed like a little girl and passed out.

When Timmy woke up, he saw the magical dragon sitting in front of him. How did he know this was the correct dragon you ask? Well, the prophesy foretold that only the magical dragon would rainbow colored, and this dragon was most definitely a rainbow colored dragon…anyway…

"Hi," said the dragon.

"I am here to slay you!" yelled Timmy, as he stood from his embarrassing position on the ground.

"Oh," said the dragon, "that's sad."

Not waiting for the dragon to continue, Timmy rushed at the dragon and tried to slay it. The dragon dodged and transformed into a knight.

Timmy and the human dragon fought in an epic battle of sword tapping until, with and extra hard tap, the dragon killed Timmy and stole the Sword of Magic!

The dragon then journeyed the short distance (2 miles…) back to Timmy's kingdom and became the new Dictator!

After his initiation, the dragon demanded that he have a harem of beautiful blonde women. As the people scrambled to do his bidding, the magical dragon only had one thought; it's good to be Dictator!