Author's note: This is something I'll be using a lot, this is a stand alone thing for now but I'm working on the whole story. I just really needed to write this and post it. The whole story isn't quite written like this but I do replace names. For example if someone's name is Billy (tho i dont actually know any Billy's) I'd change their name to somethings such as Bart or Barry...probably Bart. Anyways, this is basically what I'm thinking now cause I need to vent a little.

Kaytlyn sighed and leaned her head back on the backrest. Nothing made sense anymore. She's supposed to be happy, she has friends and family but she isn't. Clicking through her gallery on deviantart she sighs when the drawing of Nico pops up. It was the second one she'd done, while he was sitting across from her at dinner. She had known he'd probably notice but maybe he wouldn't comment. Well he had but she didn't actually mind. It was pretty nice getting his attention. It was a nice memory, something she could smile about. But now its just pain. Pain that at first she couldn't place. Finally it clicked though, with him out of town she misses him.

Shaking her head and flicking back to fictionpress she sighs, its oddly easy to get distracted from writing your own thoughts in third person. Kaytlyn rubbed her hands over her face, wishing the hollow part of her heart would go away but knowing it wouldn't. Not until Nico was back, even if that meant in a city an hour away. She grabbed her phone and sent a simple text saying ~howdy~ to Nico, even though she didn't expect an answer back.

Kaytlyn paused her typing to think of what to say next. She'd already gone over that she missed Nico, she'd texted him and her typing was much faster than a text would go through, even if he did respond she'd be out of things to type. Sighing again she flicks over to youtube to watch the fanmade videos for different songs and tv shows as she waits for a text that might not come.

Before the song can even get to the second verse Kaytlyn thinks of something to write to her readers. It was something she'd been wondering about. Why did guys even like her? She's not particularly pretty, just an average girl really. Short, dirty blonde hair, greenish-brownish eyes, and a not so perfect body. Sure she's kinda pretty but she's not as pretty as her friends, who often have guys liking them a lot. So obviously, her appearance may have something to do with why guys like her but not much. She's not trying to put herself down but it's just her own opinion that she's not perfect.

As far as her personality goes she's angry, sad, moody, completely spastic, forgetful and a lot more. The more she looks at herself the more the bad outweighs the good. It made a little sense for someone like Maverick to like her but she couldn't get why someone as good as Nico liked her. He's nice, funny, smart, confident even when he doesn't know what he's doing, doesn't judge and so much more is good about him. The only thing Kaytlyn's ever found wrong with him is the language he sometimes uses.

Kaytlyn sighed, not having anything else to say she sat there and compared her two drawings of Nico. She could admit the eyebrows look better in the first, the mouth just has a different problem and the jaw's a bit off in the first one. In the second one the sideburns weren't long enough on one side and the ear on that side was too high. Groaning Kaytlyn resisted the urge to bang her head on the keyboard, aggravated by her constantly critiquing her own drawing skills. Naturally on drawings a the young man she loves.