Author's note: Soooo it would seem this is just something i can use to vent. Dont expect updates at normal times. they'll be very sparatic, trust me.

Underlined is flashbacks, italiszed is thoughts and normal is normal.

"Dang it. Don't say that while there still people here! Eh not like it matters. No one ever looks at my phone. Random note but Nicholas pulled my chair out for me to sit down. Anyways, bye Gnight God Bless and sweet dreams of Ron. 5-1-12"

"Haha I walked back into the room (i had gone to the bathroom) and Jedd smiled at me and mouthed "You're back!" Haha, he's so adorable! Then i sat down and glanced at Nicholas and he was looking at me. Both guys I like paying attention to me within one minute. I hope we get to go out to eat with Jedd and Nicholas. That would make my night. Hahaha 5-1-12"

"Again with glancing at Nicholas and he's looking at me.

Haha, on anoher note I confused Riley by taking off my shoes 5-1-12"

what happened to the days when i was this happy? Kaytlyn wondered as she read through her old conversations with her best friend. Kaytlyn sighed, what had happened that upset her so much that she could hardly function? Why couldn't their third person stories be happy and fun again like when they had Pyro and Iceman get in a pillow fight?

Waiter: *holding cheese grater* any of yall want cheese on your food?
David: *raises hand*
Waiter: I always break these things *cheese grater breaks and he laughs* ugh not again. This is embarrassing. I'll be right back. *walks away*
*we wait*
Waiter: *grates cheese on davids food* there we go. Anyone else?
Me: *raises hand*
Waiter: *grates cheese onto my food* ...she's waiting for it to break.
Me: *thinking* he's a freakin telepath.

Why can't Kaytlyn ever have happy little moments like that anymore? Why's Kaytlyn's life a jumbled mess of anger and depression? Why can't Kaytlyn have more hilarious moments when she's asked "What'd you do this time?" She wishes she could go back to the times that they could just say "Enough negative talk." and talk about something else.