This night owls aren't hooting. Storms aren't rolling. Danger isn't approaching. It's very quiet. Peaceful. A five-year-old Crimson Rayne listens to the nothingness coming from the woods behind her house. The unusual silence fills her head with stories untold; terrifying works of horror that could chill anyone to the bone. She giggles under her covers, peaking through to make sure the deadly monsters of the night - or her sleeping parents - haven't noticed. You see, Crimson loves being scared. Nothing more thrilling than being scared out of your mind. A voice calls to her. Asks her to come play. She trusts the voice. Creeping out of bed, careful not to make too much noise, she approaches the window. Opens it with a squeak. Steps back. A dark figure climbs in, his face and body obscured in complete shadow. Crimson can sense a smile plastered on its face. She returns it. The dark figure reaches out, a bony hand inviting the little girl to join him. She doesn't hesitate. Not at all. The brave girl takes the stranger's hand. Climbs out through the window. Follows him into the woods. Finally her sense wakes itself up, and she grows wary as they travel through the dark. A cave stops them. The figure tells her to enter. Crimson refuses. It takes her my the arm. It hurts the girl a lot. She will bruise now. The figure pushes her into the cave. A cave with no floor. The little girl falls. Falls forever. She doesn't remember when she last saw the sun. It's been only a month, but it feels like years.

Eventually the years do start to pile up. No one has seen her in a decade and a half. And she's still falling. Falling forever. She used to scream, but Crimson now grows tired of calling out to those who can't hear. She falls in silence. She no longer likes to be scared. She's been scared for years. With each passing day she feels herself grow less and less alive. Then she is no longer alive. And she is still falling. Falling forever. Faster and faster. The cave with no floor has stolen her soul. Like it has done to many others. And she will not be falling forever because soon after her soul has been stolen, she finds ground. And a heap of others who are now soulless. The cave with no floor does have a floor.

It has a floor in Hell.


A five-year-old boy now sits in his room. He listens to the nothingness outside his house. His room used to belong to a young girl, his age, as hers had belonged to another young soul. This boy, too, enjoys fear. He lets the shadowed figure in through the window, just like the pile of soulless bodies had. He takes the figures hand. Climbs out the window. Follows it through the woods to the cave with a floor in Hell. He falls. He's falling. Falling forever. But not really forever. He falls until his soul is ripe for the taking. And then he is soulless. He finds Crimson. Now they both have no soul.