Elira cowered in the corner of her chamber, her silver hair hung like drapes in her odd violet eyes. Gutted with worry she sobbed onto her grey blue sleeve of her dress. The smell of smoke rising from the village below to her chamber windows flooded her nostrils, the ground rocked from under her and a dark cloud spread around her. The cloud made her silver hair look as bright as the sun, and for a moment the child was mesmerised by the beauty. She knew that he was coming for her, so she let the cloud devour her knowing that she would be safe, for now.

The shadows crept over the valley. King Eilam could sense fear in the kingdom. He rubbed his wrinkled brow knowing the worst was to come. The ground started to rumble, as did the angry clouds that covered all of the sky. He was excepting that his younger brother would come for her, but not this soon. All that King Eilam could think of was the rest of his family and prayed that they would be alright. Clutching on to his golden staff, he advanced towards the balcony that looked out towards the scene that was unfolding. Sir Cato came to the King's side. His dark sleek hair covered one side of his face, hiding one of his dark brown eyes, whilst the other surveyed the burning village. The King looks back at him reassuringly and then turns towards the sky.

'Eilam!' The king stumbled backwards at the sound of his brother's voice echoing from the clouds. He got back on his feet and shouted back out to the sky, 'Nimrod! What is the meaning of this?' The dark shadows replied, 'my heir will return to me, Eilam and when she does her blood shall rule both Talak and Aarushi!'

The crowd shrieked with fear as Nimrod sent fiery balls on to the village houses. At once Nimrod's soldiers advanced from the black gloom of the forest and tried to demolish the forest barrier which shields Aarushi from the darkness of Talak.

'Where is she Eilam?' Nimrod's voice echoed in the wind. Eilam's greying hair travelled across his face, the wind started to push him back with a great force.

'Where have you hidden her?' Eilam feared his brother but could not cower in front of his people when they needed his leadership to protect them.

'Be gone Nimrod! I shall not revel where she is!' Eilam shouted strong and clearly.

'Very well then Eilam. If you don't tell me where she is, I shall search for her everywhere and you won't be able to hide her from me much longer!' With that, the clouds that surrounded Aarushi vanished along with Nimrod's soldiers. Aarushi was left burning as the people watched in astonishment of what had happened to their beloved home.

King Eilam turned his back to the crowd and marched up the grey stones that lead to Elira's chamber. He grasped the rusted handle, forcing it open with his strength. As soon as he entered the threshold he froze. The toddler girl with silver hair and violet eyes had vanished. The king could sense that she didn't just leave the castle, she had left Aarushi.