A transparent woman with hazel eyes stood in the shadows watching a black haired little girl play with her dolls as she sung a haunting melody

Mommy, have you seen how good I've been?

I hope you come home soon

I miss you,

but daddy says you'll come home next week

However, I don't think you will...

Oh, mommy where are you?

Why are you gone?

What happened to you?

So many questions I need to have answered

I miss you, where are you?

I don't think you'll ever come back...

Wherever you are I'm sure you've seen how good I've been for daddy

Please come home soon, I need you...

When the woman heard the song she started crying "Why, why did I have to die?! I had a little girl to take care of, why did I have to be taken away from that? Why?!" she sobbed her tears going through the hard wood floor because she wasn't solid.

The woman sang through her tears

Darling, I'm here...

I wish you could see me...

I have a broken heart that will never mend...

Sweetheart, I miss you

Why did I have to die?

Why can't you see me?

Why did it come to this?

How is it that you are so alone...

I wish I could be there,

right beside you...

But it's not meant to be...

I'm sorry I couldn't be there

I miss you...

The woman fell silent and watched as a man came into the room and picked up the little girl making her lace dress flutter slightly. She watched as the man spun her daughter around making the little girl laugh. The woman's tears started up again and she collapsed on the floor. The woman calmed herself a bit more quickly this time "I hope you live your life to the fullest Isanu Desmi and don't you ever, ever give up on your dreams." she whispered watching the little girl get tucked in for bed.

The woman's hands began glowing as she cupped them together and when she opened them there was a little necklace that radiated great power, it is silver with black Gothic cursive lettering spelling the girl's initials on the crescent moon locket.

The woman clasped the necklace around the little girl's neck and the necklace faded into view in the hallow of the little girl's neck, and so as not to raise the suspicion of the father and the child, the woman also altered their memories so that they remember buying it from some boutique in town that they can't really remember the name of.

The woman nodded satisfied and faded from view, going to the observatory to watch her little girl's life unfold. It will be full of hardship, bravery, violence, and many other things, but in the end it will save both realms from total destruction. At least so she hoped.

(7 years later)

***Isanu's POV***

**dream world**

I sat in a field of black and grey roses with my silk black and white lacy, Gothic Lolita dress folded underneath my black and grey silk stocking covered knees. All around me as far as the eye can see there are roses. I tucked a strand of my black hair behind my ears and scanned the area around me with critical hazel eyes.

I blinked confused when I saw a figure in the distance.

The person was just standing there.

Completely still.

I watched as the person suddenly began to move and walked towards me "Wake up." it said. I was still unable to see what they looked like but they sounded male. I felt my physical body stirring and closed my dream eyes.

**End of dream**

I woke to someone shaking me hurriedly "Wha?" I mumbled out. The shaking became more insistent "Okay, okay. I'm up." I mumbled sitting up and attempting to smooth my hair from it's bedhead state, unfortunately I knew it was going to take a lot more than that to fix it. I attempted to blink the sleep from my eyes but had no such luck, I sighed and rubbed my eyes.

After successfully doing so, I turned to face the person who had disturbed my escape to my dream world away from the horridness that is societies ways. I saw it was my father with his strong and sturdy frame, black but greying hair, and kind brown eyes. My harsh look softened but didn't completely disappear "Why did you have to wake me?" I whined making him chuckle.

My father is the only one I even somewhat open up to, ever since my mother had died I had tried not to get close to people as much as I had used to. I had no memory of my mom but I was told she had dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and had such long legs that people called her a long legged snipe. I had snickered at that part.

Father got up from the four poster bed that I have "Sorry, I just didn't want you to sleep until noon." he said. I sighed pinching the bridge of my nose between my thumb and forefinger "I'm going back to sleep, you woke me for a very irrational reason and I don't feel ready to get up yet." I said flopping back down on the bed and pulling the duvet over my head along with the cream blanket that was my mother's and hugging close to me the old tattered bear that had also belonged to my mom.

I fell asleep as soon as I hit the pillow.

This time I had a dreamless sleep.

I woke up around two in the afternoon to the sound of piano and smiled when I heard it. That's my dad for ya, wake you up gently after learning his lesson not to wake you up roughly. I hummed along to the familiar haunting melody.

I went over to my closet to pick out today's clothes. I picked a silk short sleeved black and white lacy Gothic Lolita dress that just barely covered my knees, a black crinoline skirt kept the dress poofy, silk black with white lace trim stockings, black kitten heeled pumps with a bow on the toe area, a black waterproof umbrella with lace trim, and I kept on my silver crescent moon shaped locket as usual.

I went over to my vanity and began putting on my Gothic makeup, cats eye black eyeliner, grey eye shadow, and black lipstick. That combination made my already pale skin almost translucently white. I looked absolutely ghastly.

Just what I was going for.

I smiled and carefully put on my ripped black lace gloves, my black cape trimmed with white lace, and my mini black top hat with white flowers on it and a grey mesh veil. I walked down the stairs and stopped before my father but not before twirling to show off my dress.

Dad grimaced "I don't know why you insist on looking so much like a corpse but it's creepy." he said making me laugh slightly. I looked at him with a smirk on my face "I think it looks awesome. Just be glad I actually breath unlike a corpse." I said making one of my morbid jokes. My father just looked uncomfortable. My weird sense of humor tends to do that quite often.

I walked over to the door and gave my father a meaningful look "Oh, right." he said remembering. I opened the door and walked out. I went over to the new car we got a couple days ago and got in it. I buckled my seat belt and sat waiting for my father to hurry.

He soon came lumbering out the door with his gentleman's cane tapping the rocky walkway and his top hat on top of his head. He looks so much like an 1800s gentleman with the suit, the tie, and everything else. Then again I can't really comment because I am wearing Gothic Lolita.

What can I say? I love the look.

My father got in the car and started it. We arrived at the place after a silent drive. I looked up at the looming dark building "Well, time to start my first day of collage." I said thinking back to when I was doing my accelerated learning program. I'm only 16 and I'm starting collage, awesome.

I had specifically requested a single dorm and it looks like I had gotten what I wanted. I started to lay out the floor plan, paint, and what colors I wanted. After I have finished decorating the dorm I will go back home and start packing my bags and any furniture I want to take. After everything was the way I wanted it to be I walked through the house observing what it looked like.

I had picked my usual colors, black, grey, and white. I had a mix of black and grey walls and white carpet. My living room looked really awesome, black leather couch and loveseat with grey pillows, a plasma screen TV on top of a black entertainment center, mahogany coffee table and side tables, grey carpet, and white walls, also there is a grand piano in one corner of the room.

There is a white framed doorway leading to the kitchen from the living room opposite of the entertainment center. My kitchen also looked pretty cool, black granite speckled with white and grey for the counters, grey cupboards with black handles, silver kitchen sink, mahogany hardwood floor, grey walls, silver and black fridge, silver and black stove, and a pretty spacious pantry.

Then there is the dining room. Black square medium sized table and four black chairs placed on each edge, grey walls, and white carpet. Leading off from the kitchen and dining room is a hallway that leads to the main bedroom, the bathroom, and the office.

The bedroom has grey carpet and white walls, a mahogany four poster bed with grey and black draping curtains that you can pull around yourself, a black fuzzy blanket covered my cream blanket and the bear sat in the middle of the black, white, and grey pillows. The window is covered with black blackout curtains so I don't get a rude awakening from anything other my alarm clock which is on the mahogany bedside table. My white vanity stood off to one side with one drawer full of makeup, and my walk in closet held all of my Lolita dresses, accessories, stockings, shoes, regular clothes, and things.

I had white tile in the bathroom (black tile for my shower), grey walls, a granite counter and mahogany cupboards, also a marble sink with silver faucet and handle to adjust the temperature of the water. My shower had one of those handles you can push in to turn off the water, a silver faucet, and a marble bath tub. My office has my mahogany desk with my silver computer tower and monitor, black keyboard and mouse, and my superior surround sound system for when I decide to listen to music.

I went over to my closet and got out my silk black pajamas along with a black ribbon to tie my hair with and a pair of lacy black underwear bottoms. I then walked over to the vanity and got out my lavender bubble bath, my black amethyst shampoo and conditioner, my black pouf, my black and silver razor, my shaving cream, and my twilight woods body-wash.

I walked down the hall to the bathroom and started the water going for my bubble bath and poured the solution of the lavender bubble bath into the running water, immediately making bubbles across the surface of the water. I set the pajamas, the ribbon and the underwear on the granite counter and put the rest of my things on the black shelf up above the bathtub away from the shower head.

I unclasped the clip that kept the small hat I was wearing on my head and set it on the counter so that it didn't get damaged by any water. I then unzipped my dress and also put it on the counter soon to fallow were my stockings, my shoes, and all my other articles of clothing. I cursed when I realized that I had not gotten my makeup remover or any of the other things I would need in the bathroom.

I hurriedly ran back to my room and got the necessary items, towels, makeup remover, my black bathrobe, etc. I put on the robe so that I wasn't stark naked (not that it really mattered because I have my own dorm but old habits die hard) and walked back to the bathroom with an armful of stuff I would need.

I sunk into the warm bath water with a peaceful sigh, it was rare I was able to enjoy moments like this. I guess that this is one way to celebrate getting my first home all to myself. After a couple minutes of soaking I decided to get the necessary things done, shaving my legs and armpits are first priority. I stood up from the water and grabbed the lavender scented shaving cream. I'll spare you the details of what must be done.

After shaving I got my pouf and the bodywash and began scrubbing myself clean. I made sure I got all the places and then sat back down in the water letting the liquid rinse me of the suds. I then got back up and got my shampoo and conditioner to wash my hair with.

I squeezed the shampoo into the palm of my hand and scrubbed it into my scalp, gradually I moved down the length of my lower back long hair, massaging the soap into it and making sure I got all the areas of my hair.

Silky hair like mine doesn't come without work, unlike what some of the commercials on TV would have you think. I'm not completely perfect either, I have flaws that you normally wouldn't notice unless you looked closely.

For example, I have a torn ear. I had been young and stupid. I decided one day that I would wear a dangly earring to see what it was like. Over time my ear tore and when I decided to get it pierced again, it tore the rest of the way. I had decided not to get it fixed because I liked the way it looked.

Then there are my zits. You can't really see them unless I point them out and there are so few of them that it doesn't really matter. You wonder how I don't have lots of zits? Take some advice from me, use moisturizer. I know it may seem like it would make it worse, but really the reason people get so many zits is because their body works overtime to make more oil so that your face doesn't go dry. If your body didn't have that automatic reaction you would be as dry as a prune, but I am getting off topic.

I have glasses. It's a family curse. My father has to wear glasses and so did my mother. There was no chance I was getting out of that. However, I can seem like I don't actually wear glasses with contacts. Convenient, right?

There is also the fact that I cuss. Yeah, I know I don't seem like I do, but I have lessened the amount that I swear. However, if someone gets me mad I will cuss them out like no other. I must've gotten it from my grandfather.

He is an awesome man, and though he swears like a sailor, he wouldn't be himself if he didn't. I can see why my mother loved my grandfather.

I used to be a happy go lucky acting girl, however when my mother died I became somber and bitter to the outside world. I was told that my mother was a wonderful woman and was almost exactly like me. Sarcastic, swearing like a sailor on occasions, and most of all, she belched like no other.

I had heard that she didn't care much for manners and rarely ever said 'excuse me' when she belched or farted. However, when she did she made sure she went overboard and said it in french. 'Excuse-moi' as I remember from my lessons on french as insisted by my rich father.

I know I went off topic but I could give less of a merde. If you want to know what that means google it, it's french, but I'm sure you know what it means from the way it is used.

I finished up my bath and dried myself off. I grabbed my robe off of the counter and put it on, making sure that I tied the sash before grabbing my things and going back to the bedroom. I opened my door and carefully set the pajamas down on my bed. I undid my robe and let it fall to the ground promising myself I would pick it up after I put on my pajamas.

After putting on the underwear, I grabbed the bottoms and stepped into the holes made for my legs and shimmied the fabric up to my hips. I then took the shirt and put my arms through the sleeves and buttoned it up. I took the ribbon off the bed and carefully threaded it underneath my hair, carefully making sure there wasn't any stray hairs left out, and tied the usual loose ponytail I always had for bed.

I grabbed the silky fabric that is my robe and walked out of my room and over to the hamper in the hallway. I dropped the robe into it and made my way back over to the bathroom to get my dress and other things, putting them into the hamper too.

I walked back into the bedroom after getting a snack from the kitchen and lifted up my covers, climbed underneath them and fell asleep.

I woke up to the blaring of my alarm and smacked my hand around trying to hit it. After being unsuccessful I sat up and hit the button after finding it, making the annoying thing shut up. I knew I had to go to school at ten and I knew I wouldn't stay awake unless I made coffee. I shuffled my tired derrière to the kitchen to make some coffee.

I stumbled through the doorway of the kitchen after hitting the wall next to it multiple times in my tired state (plus the fact that I haven't put my glasses on yet) and saw the blurry form of my kurig coffee maker, thank the non-existent lord. I walked over to the kitchen cupboard that I designated the place where cups go and grabbed out my oversized black coffee mug. I picked a coffee other than my usual flavor (the flavor I save for special occasions) and inserted it into the coffee maker.

I hit the button and walked back to the bedroom to get my glasses while I wait. I decided that today, contacts are not worth the effort.

Soon I heard the spluttering of the coffee maker signaling that my cup was ready, yay...

I walked over to the coffee maker and grabbed the cup off of the little pedestal and walked over to the table, just barely remembering that I had to pull the chair out before I sat down. I sipped at the coffee for the next ten minutes just thinking. I soon finished my coffee and felt more awake. I walked back to my bedroom to pick out some clothes and decided that I am going to wear jeans, a t-shirt, and sneakers today.

I left the outfit on the bed and went to start the water for my shower. Today is just another day, with a slight difference. I am going to school to get my degree in computer science. First class, calculus.

I hate math...

Lunaria: I hope you liked the first chapter of Mirrored Memories. I worked on this chapter whenever I got inspiration. I may update slowly due to my habit of procrastination and the fact that I rarely get inspiration, but I'm sure it will be worth it.

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