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**3rd person POV**

The mother was running through a forest that seemed as though dead. She panted "Almost there, just a little farther..." she gasped out. A horse's cry sounded out in the distance and the woman strained to run faster. She cursed when she realized she couldn't go any faster "God damn it, that asshole never knows when to give up, does it?" she cursed again and continued running. Soon a skeletal rider in a cloak showed up holding a scythe on his equally skeletal horse. The horse neighed, pawed the ground and ran after her.

The tree branches scratched at her clothes and hair as she ran as fast as she possibly could. The clouds uncover the moon and light her pathway. Unfortunately, three more skeletal riders appeared in her path. The mother cursed and went another way, unknowingly going deeper into the forest.

The woman sees a sword sticking out of the ground and rips it out in hopes that she could protect herself with it. The horsemen show up soon kicking up dirt and making noise. She holds up the sword and gets into a battle stance, mentally thanking herself for taking fencing lessons.

She slashes the first one in half and the second one she chops its head off. The last two glance at each other and ride forward towards her. She cuts through both of them and almost laughs at their expressions as they fall apart and disappear.

The mother is startled when the sword glows and disappears. More horsemen surround her and she knows she is now helpless. The woman drops onto her knees and she lets them take her away. She hopes that where ever the sword has gone, that it fell into good hands.

**Isanu's POV**

**Isanu's Dreamscape**

The dream started out as it always had, sitting in a field of black and grey roses, wearing the same Lolita dress, and events playing out the same. However this time, I actually saw the person's face. He is a pale man with red eyes and black hair wearing a black cloak, leather, and black boots with spikes and chains on them.

I inwardly groaned at the fact it just had to be a man in my dreams. Why couldn't they have him be a woman instead? Outside, I looked as cool and calm as ever.

I raised an eyebrow in skepticism "Well look at that, a modern Dracula." I said. He looked unamused "This is the welcome I get?" he said in a voice that would make most girls melt. I just raised my eyebrow "Looks like Mr. Inflated-Head speaks now. I think he's compensating." I said with a strait face, totally not melting like he probably expected.

He still looked as calm as ever, but I could see cracks in the facade "Is this how you greet everyone?" he asked. I glanced at my ripped lace covered hands and flicked off a beetle "No, you just seem like an asshole." I said nonchalantly. He seemed to look a bit annoyed at how I was acting, I guess he's used to everyone kissing the very ground he walks on.

I glanced boredly at him and his eye twitched "You really couldn't care less about me could you?" he asked with a hint of frustration, evidently he was expecting me to beg him to marry me from his tone of voice.

I rolled my eyes "Of course not." I said, stating the obvious. He started twitching even more than before "Even if I could give you riches beyond human comprehension?" he asked. I rolled my eyes again "I'm already rich enough, I've got all I need or want. Now, if you'll excuse me, I've got school." I said hearing the faint blaring of my alarm clock.

The man watched in visible rage as I faded away to the land of the awake.

**end dream**

I sat up and hit the alarm clock, yawning. Then I placed my glasses on and shuffled to the kitchen to make my coffee. I rubbed my eyes as I entered the kitchen and yawned again.

I peered blearily through my squinted eyes at the coffee maker and made my way over to it, bumping into the counter a couple times along the way. I mentally slapped myself when I realized I forgot to get a coffee cup and shuffled back over to the cupboard. I opened the cupboard and got out one of the coffee mugs.

I sighed as I sat down at the table after making my coffee, the usual Italian roast. I sipped at the yummy mixture of honey and coffee beans and just cleared my mind. In essence, my morning coffee is a lot like meditating.

About ten minutes later I finished my cup of deliciousness and went back to my bedroom to pick out a Gothic Lolita dress and its accessories. I laid out my clothing and put on my robe. I then ran to the bathroom and started the shower.

I set my keys down on the counter and sighed. The students were as intolerable as usual and I was the only one paying attention. Sigh, people.

On a brighter note, I did make friends with one of the teachers and there was a new student today, her name is Miyuki Kuromori. If my research is correct, her name means Silent Black Forest. Which I think is an awesome name.

She has transferred from Japan and it just so happens I love Japan. She is a very quiet and observant person I can hardly get her to say one word to me. I won't give up though! She is so intriguing...

I have to find out about her.

**Miyuki's POV**

**Outside Isanu's Dorm**

I watched outside her dorm as she went to do her homework from today's class. She's so interesting, while most humans ignored me, she set out to get to know me... Could she be the one Maledus is searching for? If so, I can see why.

She has a palpable aura of power around her that she seemed blissfully unaware of and she seems so loving, yet cold at the same time. She seems like she could be used for both good and evil. I must get a hold of her before Maledus!

Only time will tell if good will win, or evil. I created a portal and stepped through it, quickly closing it after I stepped through. I appeared in an abandoned apartment and snapped my fingers to fix it up. I had found this place after appearing in the alley way.


I saw a door nearby and after using my senses concluded that it was empty. I walked in and noticed a disarray of scattered magazines, broken bottles, fly infested plates of food, and shattered windows. I decided to deal with the mess later and set out for the University to enroll.

I sighed as I remembered that I didn't have a highschool degree. I decided to go to a highschool and take the exams available for students. I arrived and took the test, easily acing it. I walked out with a highschool diploma and headed to the University to enroll for real.

I entered the central hall and waited for the secretary to glance up from her computer. When she didn't, I cleared my throat to get her attention. She glanced up "H-hello. How can I help you?" she said. I straitened my posture "I would like to register here Miss-" I said asking her name, "Vivian." she supplied "Miss Vivian." I continued.

After signing some paperwork, I finally got handed a schedule "You'll start tomorrow. Get up at whatever time you need and be sure to get the supplies listed here. Have a nice day!" she said flashing a smile at me "You too!" I shouted over my shoulder.

The next day I walked into my first class and found the students staring at me. I put on my stoic face and waited for the teacher to notice me. The large man glanced up from his lesson to see me standing in the doorway "Ah, you must be the new student! Come in, come in! I was just starting today's lesson!" he said way too cheerfully. I shyly walked in.

He looked at me "Come on, introduce yourself!" he said making me want to smack him. I sighed "H-h-hello, my name is Miyuki Kuromori..." I stuttered out blushing and bowing. People stared at me as I went to sit down.

After sitting down at an empty desk I noticed a girl nearby, she is wearing a very bold fashion statement. A black gothic lolita dress with greyish faded lace fell down to just above her knees where knee-high stockings, one of them plain black, the other striped black and grey started. Just a couple inches below them she wore in a strange contrast combat boots that lace up the front with spikes and chain on them.

She turned to face me with kind hazel eyes, her black hair swishing as she turned " Hello, my name is Isanu Desmi." she said kindly. I blushed and turned my head to face the window. I heard a sigh from her direction that made me glance at her from the corner of my eye. I saw her turn back to face the teacher and listen to him intently, while taking notes.

I had noticed that the rest of the class didn't even care to listen to the teacher and just goofed around. Why is it that she is the only one who actually cares? I pushed those thoughts out of my head and listened to the professor, taking notes and actually paying attention.

**end flashback**

After school I went to Isanu's house. And you know the rest.

I snapped my fingers and the apartment turned into a goth girl's fantasy. Black and red walls, hardwood mahogany floors, black iron sconces, black and red rugs, black furniture, and a stereo playing creepy cello music. I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

I decided to get ready for bed and got into my black armoire. I searched through the clothes I had conjured up and finally pulled out a black cotton T-shirt and black stretchy leggings. I put them on and got under the bed covers. After about a half an hour, I finally fell asleep.

**Isanu's POV**

After my homework, I did the usual chores. Dishwasher, litterbox, feed the cat, check the cat's water, and make dinner. I decided on a delicious sounding tilapia dish that I found in my mother's old cookbook. I got the fish out of the freezer, along with the toppings for it: Lemon, lime, salt, pepper, garlic, and onions.

I placed three filets of tilapia in a large baggie and placed them in the microwave. I set the microwave for ten minutes on high and began to prepare the seasonings. I cut the lime in half and put one of the halves away in the fridge. Then I cut the lemon in half and got out the juicer. I juiced the lime and the lemon halves and scraped some of the peels off as well and put it in a small snack bag.

I threw away the rest of the peel and got out a bowl to mix the peel, salt, and pepper in it. After mixing them thoroughly, I chopped up the garlic and the onions and set them aside. I heard the microwave beeping and checked to see if my tilapia is done defrosting. I could see a couple chunks of frozen fish here and there, so I decided to give it five more minutes.

While it finished defrosting, I got out my tea set and heated up my tea. Since I didn't feel like waiting, I decided to set the table. I got out my wooden place mat and set it on the table. Then I got into my silverware drawer and got out a pair of chopsticks. I set them out on their usual spot.

I heard the microwave beep and not long after my tea pot whistle. I turned off the stove and set the tea pot aside. Then I walked over to the microwave and checked the tiliapia, the tilapia was completely defrosted. Knowing it wouldn't be a good idea to eat fish raw, I got out a glass baking dish and placed all three filets in it, along with all of the seasonings.

Then I preheated the oven and placed the baking dish into the oven. I set the timer for a half an hour and decided to listen to music while I wait for the fish to cook.

Soon I heard the timer go off and I walked out into the kitchen. I got the fish out of the oven and opened the cupboards searching for plates. I dished two of the filets onto my plate and carried it over to the table. Smacking myself for my stupidity, I turned the stove on again and heated up the tea, since it had gone cold a while ago.

Then I searched through the cupboards again for my serving plate that I used for my tea cups and tea pot. I carried the serving plate to the table and set it in the middle of it. For the fun of it, I also got candles and set them on the table, before lighting them.

I enjoyed a delicious meal of fish and tea. My favorite kind.

**Miyuki's POV**


I was in the dark, all alone. But suddenly, I heard voices.

"Reflections to be seen

In the Mirror Of Jade

A child will lose her mother

A demon king will want her

She will be forced to marry

In order to save her dimension

However, she will be saved by love

And protect the world til the end of time"

I stumbled at a sudden headache and collapsed in pain whimpering. A blurry face appeared behind my closed eyes. Soon the image cleared to show a hazel eyed woman running from a figure on a horse and cussing at him.

After that image I fell into the darkness creeping at the edges of my vision.

I woke up in a cold sweat to my cello music playing. I sat up and sighed as I put my head into my hands "Was that a prophecy? Does it have something to do with Isanu?" I asked thin air. Nothing was said in reply and my answer was complete silence if you didn't count my music. I sighed again "I talk to myself to much..." I stated getting up out of my bed and going to the kitchen to make coffee.

**At the University**

I drove up in my motorcycle and parked in an empty spot. I kicked the kickstand down and hoisted my bag over my shoulder and headed to Building B, the Computer Science building. I walked into my class and saw only Isanu sitting at her desk. Where is everyone else? I sighed "Hey... Where is everyone else?" I asked her.

Isanu glanced up "They are at the football game." she said. I pinched my nose "Seriously? Skipping class for that?" I asked in annoyance. Isanu sighed and nodded "Unfortunately, yes." she said. I threw up my arms "So guys molesting each other is more popular than getting an education. What has the world came to?" I asked. She snickered "Apparently so." Isanu stated in amusement.

Isanu stopped laughing "But I'd pay to see guys molesting each other. Just not to see football, that sport is, pardon my language, shit." she continued. I bent over laughing "To deduce that is, elementary my dear Watson." I said red faced, quoting Sherlock Holmes.

We both laughed at my joke and then sat down at our seats to study for any upcoming pop quizzes. To make sure we knew everything, Isanu and I quizzed each other on the methods. Soon, we felt we could tackle any pop quiz thrown at us.

After studying our books, we went to the front office to check and see that there is still school. Turns out, school was canceled because of the football game. Isanu told me that we could hang out in her dorm. I looked at her shocked "Seriously? I'd love to." I agreed.

We walked over to the dorm area and began searching for her dorm. It was easy to spot because it had Avenged Sevenfold's Skullbat on the front door with the words "Welcome to the family" in gothic script. I felt a grin creeping up on my face "You listen to them too! That is awesome." I said with a bit of glee in my voice. Isanu looked confused for a second, but then she figured it out "You listen to Avenged Sevenfold too? That is very epic." she said with a hint of wonder in her voice.

I nodded "Yeah, but I mostly listen to classical eerie music..." I said. Isanu perked up "Really? What kind of music? By whom?" she asked. I smiled creepily "Beethoven, Kanon Wakeshima, Cello music, Piano music, and violin music." I said making my voice sound creepy as well. She blinked "Wow, that is quite the selection." Isanu said.

We walked into her place and I was amazed "Nice place. You should see mine sometime." I said loving the dreary colors. I sat down on her leather couch "Would you like some coffee or tea?" Isanu asked. I looked over to her "Tea please." I said. Isanu walked around the wall "Jasmine or Oolong?" she asked. I thought for a second "Jasmine please." I replied. She walked back to the kitchen "Jasmine tea coming right up." Isanu said her voice slightly echoing.

I sat back into the leather, smirking when it made a fart noise. My tea was ready soon and she set a china serving platter down with the tea cups and tea pot. I poured myself some tea and also poured her a cup. I grabbed my cup and made a motion signaling that she should pick up her cup as well.

We drank our tea and discussed many things. We found that we both like black, heavy metal music, and gothic things. I found that she liked Japan, wears glasses, and hates spiders. We are very similar and I found myself blushing whenever she got close. I think I might have a crush on her.

Well, that sure isn't according to plan. Oh well, I might as well enjoy her company while I'm in this dimension.

Sorry for taking so long to update, but I did warn you all. At least I got it up on New Years Day. I might take less time to update now that I have something in mind. No promises though.