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Chapter 1

Today was a very slow day. The bar was empty, so Kate and Ada decided to close down early. Like every day, Ada and Kate are cleaning down everything behind the bar. While everything is spruced, they begin their usual girl talk. Ada had been lonely and depressed lately after she broke up with her last boyfriend a couple of months ago. Then she met another guy named Brad a week ago with whom she felt no connection to whatsoever; only because he'd been flirting with some blonde floozy. After that, she decided to give up on dating altogether to save herself future heartbreaks. Ada sighs loudly.

"Why do I feel so depressed?"

"Maybe it's because you haven't been on a date lately. The last time you went on a date was a week ago. I believe it was with Brad. It seemed he was the right one for you. But hey, we've been wrong before. You kicked his ass out when you caught him flirting with some blonde chick on your own phone." Kate laughed.

"Ugh, don't remind me of that guy. I've dated so many men and they all were just awful. What the hell am I doing wrong?" Ada said sadly. Ada felt maybe she was doing something wrong…or rather something was wrong with her.

I guess men aren't all that interested in commitment today.

"You're not doing anything wrong, nor is anything wrong with you. Men today are just too interested in getting laid. You're a smart beautiful woman, Ada.You don't need a man to make you happy." Kate says proudly. Ada appreciated her confidence and wisdom. She wished she was as experienced as Kate was. It was admirable. Kate was cleaning up the glasses and putting them away.

"I'm gonna head on home. I have lots of chores to do. We're supposed to be meeting Julie and Anna later on tonight; can you tell them that I'm gonna be a little late?" Ada grabbed her purse and put on her coat. She waved at her older sister as she was on her way out the door.

"Yeah sure, I'll see you tonight!" Katie yelled out. The bar was only a couple blocks down from her street. So she walked home in the snow. It snows here every day during the winter time. And the cold is brutal. The weather was always below forty degrees and there was little sunshine every day. She's only a few seconds away from her house when she notices a moving truck next door. Ada strode closer to the house next door to take a look at the new owner. A man walked out the house and carried a box filled with stuff into his house. He walks out, and stops in his tracks; noticing a petite woman with long black hair was watching him. He smiles and waves at her. Ada waved back at him.

"Hi, you must be the new owner of this house. I'm Ada, your next door neighbor." She smiled holding her hand out.

"I'm Christian. I just moved here from New York." He smiled back; grabbing her tiny hands, shaking it. He couldn't help but notice how beautiful she looked. She captivated him and he couldn't wipe the goofy grin off his face.

"Oh? I was born there, but raised here. My family moved out here so my mother could take a job. And my dad ended up opening a bar that's just a couple of blocks from here; he died a few years ago, so now my sister Kate and I are the new owners. The first drink is free for new customers but the next ones will cost ya." Ada said, smiling brightly. She couldn't help but feel excited to have a handsome man live next to her.

Is he single? Is he gay? I wonder…

Christian chuckled.

"Thanks for letting me know that. Where is it?" He asked.

"Trust me you won't be able to miss it! It's the place around the corner with the big line of people. This is the only bar out here, it's a very popular place, so feel welcomed! But today was kinda slow so we closed early."

"Thanks a lot, Ada. It was a pleasure meeting you." He said, putting the emphasis on pleasure. He had a twinkle in his eye and grinned at her. Ada gasped, hoping he did not hear that. He winked at her just before walking away; going back to the house, but not before turning around and looking back at Ada with a charming smile. He had beautiful green eyes, short black hair, and gorgeous thin lips.

My god this man is sexy, Ada thought.

Ada walked to the front door, unlocked it and walked in. She closed the door behind her; putting her coat on the coat hook and taking off her boots leaving them by the door. Ada hadn't eaten all day, so she went straight to the kitchen to make herself some lunch before she started her chores.

She put on some soup and made a grilled cheese sandwich. After eating and cleaning up her mess, she put back on her coat and boots. She went to the tool shed in the back to get a shovel and started clearing the driveway and side walk. It was an hour and a half later when she noticed that Christian well was also shoveling his driveway. Now that she noticed he's standing there, she couldn't stop glancing at him. Once he caught her looking at him; she quickly looked away and blushed.

After another 45 minutes she stopped shoveling. Ada was tired and needed a break. She stood in front of her door looking around at her progress. She was satisfied that she was halfway done. Her eyes landed back on Christian. He stopped what he was doing and looked at Ada. He smiled and continued on shoveling. Ada sighed then turned around and continued shoveling again. Sometime later Ada was nearly done shoveling; she was about to go back inside the house until she heard Christian call her name.

"Ada." He yelled across the yard. Ada turned her attention to Christian. She approached him, looking at him expectantly.

"I saw this diner on my way into the town. Do you want to go and get some hot chocolate?"

"Sure my body could use a little warming up!"

"Oh I'm sure hot chocolate isn't the only thing that could warm your body up." he said lowly, raising an eyebrow at me. Ada shivered, and not because it was cold. She smiled shyly at him.

"Shall we?" He motioned towards his truck.

Today is going to be a long day!

When they made it to the diner, they took a seat by the window. It was silent until a moment later Christian broke the silence.

"So…do you have a boyfriend?" Ada stared back at Christian. Inside she was doing a happy dance. No man just outright asks you that unless they're interested. Ada grinned.

"Nope, I'm single."

"Hmm…I just thought a beautiful woman like you had a boyfriend that was almost as charming as I." John grinned. Ada chuckled.

Cocky much?

A waitress approached their table and took their order. They both ordered a cookie and hot chocolate. Moments later she returned with two mugs of hot chocolate and our cookie on a saucer. She put marshmallows, and little bit of whipped cream on top. Ada grabbed her cup and took a sip.

"So…are you single as well?" Ada asked shyly, looking out the window. He grinned at her again. He found her shyness to be sexy and endearing. He wanted to whisper naughty things in her ear to get that reaction out of her again. He chuckled to himself.

"Yes. Tell me something about yourself. I find myself wanting to know everything about you." He smiled. Ada blinked at him. How many men have she met that wanted to know more about her? None. She smiled internally.

"Well, I'm 26 and have been a bartender for a few years; like I said earlier, after my father died his bar became my bar. I have an older sister named Kate and…well, there's not much about me that's interesting." Ada utters.

"Oh come one. There has to be something interesting about you. What do you like to do?" he asked.

"Oh man. There are too many things I like to do. I'm pretty spontaneous, so I do whatever I feel like doing. I just love trying new things especially." Ada replied excitedly. Christian grinned. He liked seeing excitement in her eyes, it made her look enchanting.

"What about you?"

"Well I'm 27 and I want to be an architect. I love build people's houses. I'm told I'm pretty good with my hands." As Christian said that he leered at Ada while taking another sip of his hot chocolate.

"Have you found any jobs or anything yet?" She noticed her sister walked into the diner, and stopped in her tracks when she saw Ada. She waved and grinned like a crazed old lady. Ada smiled back, turning her attention back to Christian.

"Yeah, almost, I'm still searching. I've been in town for over a month, but I've just moved into that house yesterday." Christian said. He was serious when he said he wanted to be an architect. His father wanted him to be a business man, but he refused, so his father threatened to cut him off. He didn't care if his father wanted him to take over the family business, he left to go live his dream and do his own thing.

With or without his father's money; not everyone should be like him.

"So what do you plan to do? He asked softy.

"Umm well, my mother wanted me to become a lawyer. I tried that job for a while and didn't like it one bit. I wanted to be more like my dad, the bartender." Ada replied with small smile.

"Well, I guess we can take a look at the bright side now, we're doing our own thing and nobody can stop us." Ada smiled broadly. She liked him the more she got to know him. He was go-getter; which gave her wicked ideas. Many wicked ideas. He'll never let anyone get in the way of what he wants. He drank the rest of his hot chocolate. He had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Are you doing anything tonight?" asked Christian.

"Yeah, I'm going out with some friends…!" Ada replies sadly. She almost considered canceling on them, but thought against it.

"I was wondering if you would want to go on a date with me sometime?" There was no trace of nervousness at all. He simply smiled and stood up from the table.

"Yeah, sure. Why not?" He put on his coat and left a card with his number on the table.

"Call me sometime to set up a date." Ada smiled at him. He got up and left, leaving his half of the bill. When he walked out the door, Kate ran over to her sister excitedly.

"Oh my god! Who was that? Why didn't you tell me you met him earlier? When did you meet him?!" She said.

"I met him earlier after I got home from the bar, and he invited me for hot chocolate." Ada was wistful. She was still staring at the entrance, willing him to walk back through.

"Did he ask you out?" Kate asked.

"Not exactly. He gave me his number though." Ada smiles and sighs; handing the card to Kate. Kate giggles at her little sister at how she sometimes acts like a teenager. Suddenly, Ada turned serious. "Please don't tell Julie, you know how she is when she finds out that I've met someone new. She'll be all over him and ruin everything." Ada pleaded.

"Don't worry, little sis. I won't tell and she won't find out. We all know how Julie is! I got your back doll-face." Kate replied rolling her eyes. Ada left the diner and went home. She got herself ready to go for a girl's night out.

As she was putting on her boots, she thought about Christian. She couldn't help but worry about Julie finding out. She'd find a way to have Christian go running in the opposite direction or steal him for herself. Why does she consider Julie a friend anyway? She's never done anything for her, never been nice, and she's a conceited bitch.

Matter fact, no one liked Julie; she just automatically forced herself into the group. She didn't even try to get to know everybody. Julie thinks because she's rich with lots of connections that we're supposed to like her. Ada quickly pushed her thoughts to the side; she wasn't about to let Julie ruin her fun for tonight.

She tried very hard not to think about Christian. She thought he was so sweet, and handsome, even a little flirty. He even had a good sense of humor. She felt so warm all over and sighed wistfully. She desperately hoped Julie would never find out and that her date would go well. She sighed to herself again. The doorbell rang.

Ada ran downstairs and answered the door.

"Are you ready to party?!" Angela shouted with excitement.