"Whispers from Heaven" ~BabyBix

The warm summer breeze

Blows softly on my face,

Accompanied by warm sunshine

And the smell of the colorful flowers.

It does not rain.

The clouds do not help me in pouring out my sorrow

Through their tears.

The sky dare not mirror what I feel.

Not a single cloud dares to turn these grave skies grey.

I am presented with a gift, though.

Whispers from Heaven.

The sound of twinkling chimes

Find my ears.

They are like beautiful music.

Like his aged voice.

I almost dare to believe that I can hear his whispers

In the gentle wind,

Coming straight down from Heaven.

They greet and console me.

A comfort to my aching heart and soul.

I listen to the silver sounds,

And a lone, salted tear

Escapes pools of blue.

Others threaten.

I am sad, but his voice is there,

In the wind,

Speaking through the sound of silver chimes.

He whispers so softly to me,

I must listen to catch even the slightest word.

I can feel his arm on my shoulders,

A comforting ghostly hug.

More words are whispered in those precious silver chimes.

More words seek my ears

From soft gusts.

They seem so very real,

But I know in my heart

That they cannot be.

He is gone,

Gerald Bixenman.

Never to grace my life with his words again.

Now residing in heaven,

An Angel of God,

He sends me words,

Made of twinkling silver.

They help to end my grief.

They ease my pain.

Words from beyond the grave,

From beyond those pearly gates,

Sent through the warm breeze,

Of this sunny spring day.

He is watching me from above.

Sending me those whispers.

I must not dare believe him actually there, though.

He is forever gone from this world.

But for now,

I will pretend.

I will take comfort from the words in the wind.

I will pretend to feel his hugs.

I will listen to him and hear

Whispers from Heaven.