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"Why are you - of all people - at church?" I asked him.

We were outside church, sitting on the low wall in the weak sunshine.

"Is it so impossible to think that I might be religious?" Dylan said.

"Yes." I told him.

I had first spotted Dylan during the last sermon of today. He had been standing at the very back, cap off, his blonde hair shining due to the sunlight pouring through the stained glassed windows. As wo all went out, I had grabbed Dylan and dragged him to the wall which we were currently sitting on and talked to him.

"Well, I am, so don't try to tell me I'm not." He said, retying his converse.

I was surprised by this response.

"Ok, I won't. But don't you like, drink and stuff?"

"You shouldn't believe in rumours, you know Alice." He said.

How did he know my name? I thought.

"Well, you're the perfect student, aren't you? Of course I know your name."

"And I know yours - Dylan - because you are basicall the opposite of me, aren't you?" I said.

He nodded, looked at his watch and said, "Damn, I've got to go. Bye Alice."

"Bye Dylan." I said as he walked away.

I smiled, thinking people aren't always what they seem, are they?

"We're going to be late Alice!" Mum yelled up the stairs.

"Coming!" I yelled bck, pulling my waist-length dark brown hair into a quick ponytail and running down the stairs.

Mum ran her eye over my green dress, said "You'll do." and rushed me and my little brother out of the door.

Mum was right; we were late, just. This meant I had to stand next to Dylan at the back of church while Mum and my brother sat on chairs just in front of us.

"Late, are we?" Dylan muttered as the priest started talking.

"You shouldn't talk in church." I whispered.

"Always one for the rules, aren't you Alice?" He murmered before slipping out of the door quietly.

I was mad at how he walked out of church. And he said he was religious!

I looked at my Mum and brother, they were concentrating on what the priest was saying. I barely heard him, so preoccupied I was.

I walked quickly to the door and slipped out, nmaking sure the door didn't slam.

When I got outside, Dylan was waiting for me and when he saw me, he raised an eyebrow.

"Not such a goody two-shoes now am I?" I said.

He laughed, "It'll take more than one truancy to convince me you're a rebel."

"Challenge accepted." I said, as my mum and brother came out of church, as it had finished.

I smiled a little evilly. Dylan was going to see how much of a rebel I was. I turned so my left arm came into view in the mirror. A small dark purple heart was just below my shoulder. That'll show him, I thought, picking up a denim jacket and putting it on.

I was waering my black t-shirt under my jacket and a dark red skirt that went down to my kneew. I put on my pumps with gold spikes on to complete my look.

I checked my hair, adjusted the gold cross necklace and went downstairs.

"You're certainly dressed up. Are you sure you're not seeing someone after church?" Mum asked, looking at me.

"No Mum. Come on. Let's go." I said, taking my little brother's hand and leading him out to the car.

Mum doesn't know I've got a tattoo. And that's a good thing that is too - I don't want her flipping out.

Soon, we pulled into the church's carpark and we got out.

I turned my phone on silent as we entered church and sat down, or in my case, stood next to Dylan.

"What's the occasion?" He said, looking at my clothes.

"Hey, can't I look good?!" I said, offended.

Of course not."

Mass has started, Dylan took his hat off and I slipped my jacket off.

"Alice!" Dylan hissed quietly, "Is that a - Is that a tattoo?"

I nodded, pretending to pay attention to the priest.

I heard the door shut quietly. He must've gone out. I followed him. He was outside, waiting for me.

The trees were starting to turn golden. The wind rushed through the them. Autumn was on its way.

"Alice! Why did you get a tattoo?" Dylan said.

"Because I wanted to prove to tyou that I was rebel," I paused, "Well, that and I've always wanted one."

"Are you legal?" He asked.

"Not really - I'm 16."

"Alice! Come back inside at once!" Mum yelled from the church door.

I sighed, "Bye Dylan."

"See you."

As I walked away from Dylan, I had a feeling this would be the last time I saw him. As I got to Mum, I turned to see him one last time, but the low wall was empty. The leasves blew across the path. There was no sign of Dylan.

"Alice, what is that?" Mum pointed to my tattoo.

I sighed again, ready for the inevitable lecture.

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