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The Invisible Writer

I'm much better on paper than I am in person, which is probably why nobody knows I exist – except here in the anonymous world of Fiction Press where I can write openly and honestly and not have to handle the laughter or rejection in person.

1. Seats 14B and 14C

She's a Knicks fan and he's a Celtics Fan and they're sitting next to each other at The Fleet Center.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: K - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,423 -

2. Survivor Guilt

It was his sister and her brother who died in the crash.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: K+ - English - Hurt/Comfort/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 5,766 -

3. How I Found God

Spiritual One Shot: Jed and Ally attend a Spiritual Youth Conference Together

Fiction: Spiritual - Rated: K - English - Spiritual/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,233

4. What Can Happen When You Accidentally Leave Home Made DVDs Around reviews

That's What B.J. finds out when he stumbles across his sister's home made videos.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,866 - Reviews: 3 -

5. Delivery

It's a memorable job for Sandy who gets an eye full being a pizza delivery guy.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,709

6. The Legend of Buddy Martin

Too bad he has to die to be noticed.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Family - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,394 -

7. I'm Sorry! reviews

One Shot: Haley accidentally sees Mark naked.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,828 - Reviews: 2 -

8. Bullied

Teddy Brady witnesses a terrible bullying incident.

Fiction: Romance. Rated: T – English: Romance/Friendship – Chapters: 1 – Words: 8,234

9. Storm Story

Danny and Lynda are trapped together in a storm.

Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,802 -

10. Rex The Wonder Dog

Maggie is unaware that her dog is the late Jimmy Franklin, reincarnated.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,637

11. Naked in the Night

Every night Bruce looks out his window and sees a naked girl walking in the night.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,948

12. The Accidental Pervert reviews

Kristen accidentally sees Lou naked!

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,111 - Reviews: 1 -

13. His Best Friend's Gal reviews

One Shot: Randy has been in love with Barb FOREVER but she's his best friend's gal.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 3,969 - Reviews: 2 -

14. Magic Formula reviews

Two high school science students come up with a formula that turns them invisible.

Fiction: Fantasy - Rated: M - English - Fantasy/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 6,956 - Reviews: 3 -

15. Don't Tell Anybody You Saw me Naked

That's Lisa's Plea when Duston accidentally barges in on her.

Fiction: General - Rated: T - English - Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 12,196 -

16. How I Spent My Summer Vacation reviews

Rosie gets stuck going on summer vacation with dweeb neighbor Patrick and their families.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 20,532 - Reviews: 1

17. The Best Summer Job Ever - reviews

Nash cleans toilets at summer camp but he doesn't care because his boss is Josie!

Fiction: Humor - Rated: T - English - Humor/Friendship - Chapters: 1 - Words: 7,748 - Reviews: 1 -

Nobody knew that The Invisible Writer was actually Dew Parker of Hillsboro High School. That's what he liked about writing anonymously. He was undetectable and it gave him a chance to be totally open and honest about his thoughts, fantasies, opinions, attitudes and outlook on life without being found out.

Some of his stories might be borderline perverted and he definitely had a thing about featuring nudity in his stories but what difference did it make when nobody knew who he was?

By day, Dew went to school and played his role as student and friend. He wasn't the most popular kid in the school but he wasn't the biggest loser either. He was an average student who came from a good family and mostly he showed up and did what was expected of him.

At night, in front of his computer, he was The Invisible Writer posting his stories on Fiction Press. He had stumbled across the site by accident while researching articles for a school project and he was immediately captivated by the idea of submitting his writings for review, inspired by the many stories written and posted by teens like him.

He had been an amateur writer for a few years, thanks to the praise and encouragement of his eighth grade English teacher who told him he had a talent for writing. But he hated having his work critiqued by others thanks to class jerk Frankie Johnson who called an essay Dew wrote and read out loud in class "lame, stupid, and candy assed".

Dew simply couldn't handle the fear of rejection or ridicule but he found Fiction Press to be a safe place to hide while promoting his stuff. Most of the reviews were positive and if he got something that was harsh it was from an anonymous source and he could delete it if need be (even though it still hurt to read negative reactions).

His first story was called The Best Summer Job Ever about a kid named Nash who cleans toilets at a summer camp but he doesn't mind the gross and disgusting assignment because his boss is Josie, a beautiful older girl who he immediately adores and worships.

A few days after he nervously posted the humorous tale of friendship, he got his first ever review: "Funny in gross kind of way! Thanks for making me laugh" from Funnyface and it made Dew feel ten feet tall.

A few weeks later, Dew postedHow I Spent My Summer Vacation based on Roberta Flanders, a girl in his class that he had a secret crush on for years. In the story, Roberta is Rosie who gets stuck going on summer vacation with her dweeb neighbor Patrick (a veiled cover of Dew) and their families.

It was all fantasy on his part since Roberta barely talked to him in real life (but comes to cherish him in the story) and when he got a review that read "Boy is Rosie a jerk – who would want to like her?" – he realized that perhaps he had unfairly portrayed Roberta in a unconsciously bitter and unfair way.

But writing was therapeutic and cleansing and Dew actually felt good about freeing himself from the growing obsession that had been Roberta in his real life. The fictional Rosie was a way to work out his issues and feelings about Roberta, including a scene in which Rosie is humiliated and knocked down to size – something that would never happen in real life.

Those first two stories were enjoyable for Dew but somewhat lame compared to some of the other more daring and honest stuff he had been reading on the site. He was also disappointed that when he checked his story stats, neither story generated that many hits or visits which led him to believe that nobody really cared about what he was writing about.

Dew came up with Don't Tell Anybody You Saw me Nakedin an attempt to be more daring in his story telling. Duston (Dew, really) accidentally barges in on Lisa (another version of Roberta, of course) when she is naked in his sister's bedroom and that level of intimate vulnerability and exposure changes their friendship in a weird way for most of the story. It was purely fantasy on the writer Dew's part but he liked pretending how it might feel if he really got to see Roberta naked in real life.

Dew didn't get any reviews about the story but he noticed that the story got double the combined hits and visits of his first two stories and he was pretty sure it was because of the word 'naked' in the title and the premise of nudeness in the story plot. That spike in hits intrigued Dew and he wondered if readers were more interested in stories that had nudity or sex in it. He had no idea how to write about sex, of course, but he liked the idea of nudity because everybody is naked at some point in the day.

Dew wrote Magic Formula purely as a social experiment. It was one of his all time fantasies of course (and probably one for most of his male peers) – being able to turn oneself invisible and to be able to go into the girls' locker room among other places. It was pure perversion and fantasy on his part and his first M rated story but he thought it was kind of funny. He purposely ended the story with a morality lesson (the story's lead discovers through some of the conversations he hears that most of his friends are just like him in fears, insecurities and doubts) to try to give the tale some credibility.

The story generated twice as many hits as 'Don't Tell Anybody' and Dew realized that he was on to something: readers liked stuff that broke boundaries and dealt with fantasies. The story generated three reviews, all of which saluted the boldness of the fantasy idea of being invisible.

Dew's best friend in real life was Scooter McAdams. They had been pals since third grade and they hung out a lot. Scooter was much more popular than Dew, of course, and Dew envied his success and how easily he fit in and got along with everybody. Scooter had been dating Joan Monday since eighth grade, the absolute perfect girl in Dew's mind and he wished he could have a girl of his own as wonderful as Joan.

Dew wrote His Best Friend's Gal solely based on that fantasy. In his story, Randy has been in love with Barb FOREVER but she's his best friend's gal. The story was mostly about playing a tease game of dare with plenty of nudity in it so Dew made this one M too and threw in his first semi-sex scene although it was totally made up because he had no idea what sex was really like. The story generated almost as many hits as the previous one and he got two positive reviews from sympathizers who "feel your pain". Dew decided this was his best and favorite story yet.

It seemed that many of the writers and readers on the Fiction Press were girls so Dew penned The Accidental Pervert next which was basically 'Don't Tell Anybody You Saw Me Naked' from the female viewpoint. No girl had seen Dew naked in real life so the Lou character in the story was basically him although Dew wasn't sure who the Kristen character was – Roberta? Joan? Some other girl in his class?

Dew got one review on the story: "Hey! That happened to me! Now I don't feel so bad!"

Dew decided to continue with the 'naked' theme with his next story, Naked in the Nightafter he awoke one night to take a leak and happened to glance out the bathroom window to see a woman walking down the street. It was well after two in the morning and although she was properly dressed in real life, being nude became the premise in the story – a nude girl floating through the neighborhood back yards every night at the same time.

Dew's biggest fear was that readers would think he was some sort of pervert writing about nudity so much. The truth was he hadn't even seen a girl naked in real life so that was probably why he was writing about it so much.

In any case, he posted Rex The Wonder Dog as sort of a change of pace even though Rex (the late Jimmy Franklin) sees Maggie naked a couple of times. The story was meant to be about how Maggie perceives the dog not knowing it is really Jimmy, a kid she never liked. Dew liked the story but he noticed that the number of hits the story got in his story stats dropped significantly.

Dew had to read a book about the famous 1938 New England Hurricane for one of his classes. There was a mention of a girl who got her clothes blown right off her and was found naked by a neighborhood boy when she couldn't move because of a broken leg. They never mentioned the incident again and that's where the premise for Dew's Storm Story came from although it didn't seem to generate the interest of some of his other stuff. He still liked it though. He thought it was a sweet love story even with the one awkward naked scene.

Dew wrote Bullied almost as a public service after a real life bullying incident happened at his school but the story didn't spark any reviews or noticeable hits so he went back to the tried and true naked theme withI'm Sorry! which was pretty much a rehash of some of his earlier stuff when Haley accidentally sees Mark naked. The hits went back up and he got two positive reviews praising the story.

Dew went through a funk for a few weeks, feeling sorry for himself because he didn't have a girlfriend and wondering if his stories on Fiction Press were all crap. He wrote The Legend of Buddy Martin almost as a way to moan about his sucky life – making Buddy Martin a hero in death because he wondered if anybody would really care if the same thing happened to him. Would Roberta care and notice then?

Dew eventually recovered from his pity party and came back with his more standard nude fetish by penning the farcical Deliveryabout Sandy the Pizza Delivery guy who gets to see all sorts of interesting things when the door opens.

Dew was sitting around the lunch table with Scooter and the guys when the topic of webcams and other dirty videos came up and that's where the idea forWhat Can Happen When You Accidentally Leave Home Made DVDs Around came from. It was pure fantasy and conjecture on Dew's part and the sex scene felt contrived at best but the hits went through the roof with this story and he got three reviews liking the story which he tried to make funny so he felt okay about it.

Still, Dew felt conflicted. At school in real life, he was writing for the school newspaper The Hurricane and doing some good work in his English class and he wondered if some of the stuff he was posting on Fiction Press was really pappy trash that was unworthy of note. He wondered if he should show his English or journalism teacher any of that stuff but he was simply too embarrassed to dare.

Instead, he took three stories he wrote for English during the past year and reworked them for Fiction Press submissions. The first, How I Found Godwas an unusual entry for him based on a true life incident. No nudity or innuendo – just straight up spirituality. Dew based Survivor Guilton an actual incident that happened in his real life home town and a couple of kids he knew. It was an emotional story that didn't require any nudity.

And his last posting on Fiction Press was Seats 14B and 14C which was based on an actual high school basketball game he attended where he ended up sitting next to a girl from arch Rival Greenville High School. He intentionally omitted any sexual references or nudity opportunities and while he liked all three stories, none of them generated all that many hits and he got zero reviews.

Dew was beginning to think that maybe he simply wasn't a very good writer. Maybe he needed to delete his account from Fiction Press and stop writing about his perverted nudity obsession and his pathetic life. If he couldn't get a girl in real life, what made him think he was going to find one on Fiction Press?


Nearly two weeks had passed since Dew Parker had even bothered to check his Fiction Press Account. He had lost interest in writing something new and he had become disenchanted with the whole process. He felt like he had revealed himself to the fiction press audience and most didn't like what they saw (read).

But one night he logged on just for the hell of it and he was surprised that he had received a Private Message.

Hey – been reading your stuff – I like it!

Tennis Sneakers

Dew was intrigued that somebody had actually taken the time to write to him directly to let him know they liked his stuff. He immediately went to Tennis Sneaker's profile page.

Profile: Author has written 8 stories for Romance.

Tennis Sneakers

Guess what I would do if GOD gave me only one thing to do each day? Write! And Love, of course. I'm just a girl who likes to write…..and love!

Dew checked out her story list:

1. Her Angel»

Molly finds love in the most unexpected person (her neighbor Fred).

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Drama/Friendship - Chapters: 2 - Words: 8,626 –

2. In Love Accidentally On Purpose»

They were friends until Hank let his feelings be known to the naive Emily who doesn't know if she wants to be more than friends.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Chapters: 4 - Words: 10,109 –

3. Vacation In Hell reviews

Having to share a vacation with a person you loath doesn't sound like much fun.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 14,286 - Reviews: 21

4. Dine in Love reviews

Sharing lunch at school every day develops into something more.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 4,435 - Reviews: 9

5. Home Intruder» reviews

They were neighborhood enemies who didn't get along. So what happens when he has to live with her and her family for a week?

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance - Chapters: 7 - Words: 16,307 - Reviews: 4 –

6. The Perfect Breakup reviews

They were made for each other, perfect in every way, except when it came to breaking up.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 1 - Words: 9,215 - Reviews: 4 –

7. Dreams Do Come True reviews

They were best friends who ended end up together

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Humor - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,222 - Reviews: 3 -

8. Searching for Love

A lonely high school girl wonders if she'll ever find love.

Fiction: Romance- Rated: K+ - English -Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 8,770 -

Dew took a couple of nights to read Tennis Shoe's stuff. He was surprised by how much her Vacation in Hell was similar to his own How I Spent My Summer Vacation and he was quite taken with her first story (Searching For Love) which reminded him of his own real life situation.

All of her stories were romantic in nature and while none of them had perverted overtones like some of his stuff, there was certainly sensuality and sexuality involved. The Perfect Breakup contained a rather intense sex scene and Home Intruder and Vacation in Hell both had similar 'accidental nude' incidents similar to some of Dew's stuff so he felt a certain kinship to Tennis Sneakers.

Dew couldn't believe that Tennis Sneakers got 21 reviews for Vacation in Hell and 41 total reviews for her eight stories when he got thirteen total reviews for his seventeen stories. Her writings were obviously better received than his could ever hope to be.

Dew reviewed the writers who had taken the time to review his writings but he had never contacted any of them through the private messaging feature of Fiction Press. For some reason, however, he felt compelled to respond to Tennis Sneakers because he felt some kind of pull toward her through her writing.

He opened his private message screen and typed:

Hi Tennis Sneakers –

I'm glad you enjoy my stuff.

I've read your stuff and I can tell you that I like your stuff better!

The Invisible Writer

Dew sent the message off and went to bed, not thinking too much about the contact until he checked his Fiction Press account a few days later and saw another Private Message waiting for him:

Hey –

I don't think I should be calling you The Invisible Writer because – well – I feel I sort of kind of know you from your stories. Do you have another name I can call you?

And can you tell me what specifically you liked about my stuff?"


Tennis Sneakers

Dew smiled, happy that she had replied. Should he tell her his real name? Everybody called him Dew but his given name was Dennis. Maybe he should go with that for now. He could always tell her that his nickname was Dew later on if they continued to correspond.

HI Tennis Sneakers,

You can call me Dennis if you'd like.

I like your stuff because it feels honest and true. You are definitely a romantic that's for sure and I saw some similarities in some of our stories, specifically Vacation in Hell and Home Intruder.

Nice hearing from you –


Dew liked the idea of corresponding with another Fiction Press writer. He hadn't discussed his stories with anybody and it might be fun to swap ideas and feedback anonymously with somebody out there in cyberland.

Dew had come up with a new idea for a story – this one with a sports theme based on his own high school football career so he was back on the computer again more frequently and he found himself checking his fiction press account more often, not only to check on story stats but to see if Tennis Sneakers had replied in his private message account.

Two days later he saw that there was a new message in his in box.

Hi Dennis,

I'm glad you can relate to my stuff.

One of the reasons I private messaged you to begin with was because I definitely related to some of your stuff too. I would have to say that His Best Friend's Gal, How I Spent My Summer Vacation, Legend of Buddy Martin, and Storm Story are my favorites.

Are Vacation From Hell and Home Intruders your favorites of mine? If so, why? If not, what are, and why?

Looking forward to hearing from you again.

Tennis Sneakers

Dew smiled when he read the message. He was surprised that she liked His Best Friend's Gal which he thought was a little over the top and he was fascinated that she went for The Legend of Buddy Martin, his pity-piece but maybe it reminded her of her own Searching for Love. He was glad she liked Storm Story and he assumed she would like How I Spent My Summer Vacation since it was similar to her own vacation story.

He responded to her message right away:

Hi Tennis Sneakers,

Seriously, I think ALL of your stories are REALLY great and I like all of them. If I was going to pick a favorite of the favorites, I guess I would go with Searching for Love because that's how I feel a lot of the time. I also especially like Dreams Do Come True and In Love Accidentally on Purpose because I think they are the most hopeful when it comes to love.

Are you working on anything currently?

- Dennis

He smiled as he sent the message enjoying the banter back and forth about their stories and writings. He was tickled to find a message waiting for him the following night when he opened his computer.

Hi Dennis,

Sounds like you're romantic at heart too if you like those stories of mine.

I am working on something right now but it's only in the draft phase and I'm not sure where it's going yet so I won't tell you about it yet.

So, how did you come up with some of your story ideas?

Tennis Sneakers

Dew was flattered that Tennis Sneakers was interested in hearing about his background ideas for some of his stories. Once again, he found himself responding to her right away.

Hi Tennis Sneakers,

I hope I don't bore you with my response to your last question.

I got the idea for my first story (The Best Summer Job Ever) from my job at a local grocery store. There was a girl a few years older than me who was sort of my supervisor and I was smitten with her.

How I Spent My Summer Vacation is loosely based on a girl in my class even though it's all fantasy and never really happened. Same thing with His Best Friend's Gal, although I will admit that my good friend has a girlfriend that I've thought about like that a few times!

I read a book about the famous 1938 Hurricane for one of my classes and got the idea for Storm Story. Bulliedwas based on an actual bullying incident at our school. I was surprised that you liked The Legend of Buddy Martin because I was feeling sorry for myself when I wrote that but I'm not really like that

How I Found God, Survivor Guilt, and Seats 14B and 14C are rewrites from stuff written for English Class. The rest of the stuff is what I call my guilty pleasures and secret fantasies and I'm kind of embarrassed to write about them here. I don't want you to think that I'm some sort of pervert. I didn't really see anybody naked like in Don't Tell Anybody You Saw Me Naked, The Accidental Pervert, or I'm Sorry.

The Magic Formula, Rex The Wonder Dog, Delivery, and What Can Happen When You Accidentally Leave Home Made DVDs Around are just goofy made up fantasies. I'm not sure what Naked in the Night is about. I guess I just liked the mystic feel of it but I can assure you there have been no naked women floating through my neighborhood!

So, how did you come up with Tennis Sneakers for your Profile name on Fiction Press!?


Dew thought long and hard before he hit the send key for this message. He was feeling nervous about what she might think of some of his perverted thoughts regarding nudity in his stories. But then he figured he might as well go for the gusto and he sent the message along.

Tennis Sneakers didn't respond for a few days and Dew feared that he had freaked her out and that she figured out that he was a sicko. But then he finally saw a message in his private message account and he was relieved when he opened it up.

Hi Dennis,

Would you believe I like to wear Tennis Sneakers!? That's how I came up with my profile name. Pretty lame, I know.

Okay so anyway I think you are an excellent writer and I have been pleasantly surprised to read familiar thoughts, ideas, and storylines in some your stuff. I think some of your stories display clever ways of portraying nudity without the sexuality aspect and I like the innocence that you try to portray. You really don't have that much sex in your stories although I will admit that there is plenty of nudity in some of them!

But don't worry – I wasn't offended by any of it – I sort of kind of like many of the scenes you describe.

So, where do you live? It's pretty obvious that you are in high school from your stories. I'm guessing Junior? Do tell!

Tennis Sneakers

Dew let out a sigh of relief. He hadn't scared her away! He excitedly typed his response:

Hi Tennis Sneakers,

Thanks for the great feedback. I'm glad to know you think my stuff is mostly okay. You know, one of the reasons I started doing some of the nude story lines is because my story stat numbers go through the roof with that sort of stuff. Sad but true, I guess.

I live in Western New England and you guessed right – I'm almost done with my junior year of high school. I'll be seventeen soon.

Hope things are going well with you.


Her reply came the next night.

Hi Dennis,

I also noticed that my stories that were a little more racy tend to get more hits. I guess it's the voyeuristic attributes hidden in all of us!

Hey, where in New England are you from? I live in Eastern New York state so maybe we're not all that far from each other. Let me know! I'm a junior too – but I'm eighteen already.

Oh, I wanted to give you some of the background on my stories too and I hope I don't bore you to tears either!

Searching for Love was my first story. I wrote it at the start of Sophomore year just after my first real boyfriend (and love) dumped me and I felt like I'd never get a boyfriend again. I guess that was my pity feeling sorry for myself story.

Dreams Do Come True was sort of my reply to the sappiness. The guy in that story was sort of like my real life first boyfriend before we broke up so this was just sort of a "I wish' made up look at what might have happened had we stayed together.

The Perfect Breakup is a snarly look at two kids in my class who really do think they're perfect so I decided to fictionally make things not so perfect between them with a perfectly ugly break up! I know its small of me but I don't care! I hate perfect people! I know the sex in this story was kind of mean but I wanted the two characters to be real jerks to each other.

Home Intruderisunfortunately based on a sort of true story. Our neighbor's house was damaged by a fire and they had to live with us for a few weeks. The guy who is a few years older than me is a real jerk and we never got together like the characters do in the story. He had a girlfriend of his own.

Dine in Love is pretty much about my best friend Carla and her boyfriend. That's how they met and it is really cute to watch them at lunch every day. Vacation In Hell sort of really did happen to me. That's when I lost my virginity with a guy I never saw myself being with and we never did last after the vacation ended so I feel kind of trampy about that. I wrote In Love Accidentally on Purpose and Her Angel as sort of antidotes to that awful experience.

I hope I haven't shocked you with any of this but I thought I should be honest and upfront with you while explaining where my writing comes from.

I hope I'll hear from you again!

All my Best – Tennis Sneakers

Dew was surprised to by her honesty and willingness to tell him some of her personal secrets and suddenly he felt kind of insignificant compared to her. She had already had relationships and sex and here he was still stuck in his pathetic Buddy Martin mode.

Dew didn't reply right away to Tennis Sneakers like he usually did. He took a few days to think about it and consider if he was worthy of her correspondence. This entire scenario was turning out to be so like him – in over his head.

Finally, after several days, Dew finally found the guts to reply.

Hi Tennis Sneakers,

Your life experiences certainly make you a better writer and helps you with your writing. I guess I was a little surprised by some of it but we all have our lives to live and stuff happens. I hope you're doing okay now.

Anyway, I'm from a small town called Hillsboro in Massachusetts. I'm sure you've never heard of it but it's a nice town and I like it.


Dew felt a little sad when he sent the message, almost as if he wasn't worthy of a girl like Tennis Sneaker's attention after some of the stuff she had been through.

Dennis was surprised to find a private message waiting for him the next time he checked his account. It was from Tennis Sneakers, of course, and the date/time stamp on her message was only twenty minutes after his last message.

OMG Dennis! I can't believe this!

I've been to Hillsboro! My aunt lives in South County! My mother went to Green College! I've had lunch at that diner in Hillsboro….Jimmy's….Johnny's…?...and I've been to that ball park they have….Reno Field? Bennie's Field? Something like that.

Wow! Small World, huh?

Hey, maybe we can meet! I can come visit my Aunt this summer!

What do you think!?

This is pretty neat!

Tennis Sneakers

Dew went pale when he read her message. The whole point of joining Fiction Press was being anonymous in his invisibility so he could write without being found out. But now he was in danger of being revealed to Tennis Sneakers and that scared the hell out of him.

He turned off the computer in freaked out panic. He felt like a criminal about to be busted. He wanted to hide. He thought about deleting his account from Fiction Press but he wasn't sure if he could give up the idea of having his writings available for others to read.

Weeks went by and Dennis ignored Fiction Press, refusing to log on to check his account and see if Tennis Sneakers had written again. He worked on his football story in word and when he finished it and knew it was ready to be uploaded onto Fiction Press, he waited another week or so before finally opening the account. There were four private messages waiting for him, all from Tennis Sneakers, spread out over several weeks.

Hi Dennis,

I haven't heard from you (I sent the last message). Everything okay?

I really like that diner in Hillsboro. I love food, of course, and they have some good food there, don't they?

I love a whole lot of things, including music. I always have it on in the background when I'm writing. I never dress up, by the way. I'm a jeans girl and as you know I love sneakers!

Anyway, write back!

Tennis Sneakers

Her next message was a few days later.

Hi Dennis,

Hey, are you okay? Busy? Sick? Computer problems? Class trip?

Haven't heard from you.

Of course, you could be busy with school like I am. One of the reasons why I like Fiction Press so much is because it's a nice distraction. I get my motivation to write when I read so many great stories here. It's really interesting to read about so many different perspectives and to think about such great stories.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Tennis Sneakers

Her next message was date/time stamped four days later.


Did I offend you somehow?

Was I a jerk in my messages?

Did you decide my stories are lame?

Do you think I'm some sort of walking bimbo without a brain?

Do you think I'm some sort of dork?

Let me know!

Tennis Sneakers

The next message was written several days later.

Okay, so I guess something happened. You apparently don't like me so I'll stop bothering you.


Dew sighed, feeling guilty as hell but he was afraid to write to her. He was the lame one and the dork. How could he possibly meet a girl like her?

He uploaded his new story Final Pass about a second string quarterback on the football team who gets to play in the big game when the starter is hurt. There was a lot of self-loathing and pity in the story because that's how Dew was feeling ever since he found out that Tennis Sneakers wanted to meet him.

The love interest in the story was based on Tennis Sneakers, the cheerleader who is dating the first string quarterback. Dew went through some of Tennis Sneakers' stories and incorporated aspects and attributes of her characters to come up with "Toni Snow" in Final Pass. Bud (Dew, of course) really likes Toni and wants to impress her on the football field (just like Dew wanted to impress Tennis Sneakers with his writing). Bud blows the game and the story ends with him the forgotten loser while Toni goes off into the sunset with the injured starting quarterback.

Dew posted the story knowing Tennis Sneakers would see it because she had favored him several months ago.

Final Pass

He's in love with the perfect girl who doesn't know he exists.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Romance/Angst - Chapters: 1 - Words: 14,342

Dew didn't check Fiction Press again for a week after he posted Final Pass. When he finally did, he went into his story stats to see that Final Pass got a fair amount of visits (there was only implied sex (between Toni and her QB) and one nude scene (Toni sees Bud naked during a football team razzing incident). The story was actually rather depressing as Bud is a loser who doesn't get the girl.

Dew saw the private message indicator and nervously opened up the message from Tennis Sneakers.

Well, at least I know you're alive.

I don't know what to say about Final Pass.

Toni is me, right? And you're Bud?

So you're trying to tell me that you think I think you're a loser, is that it?

I don't know why you would think that.


Dew sighed. He was definitely screwing this all up. He hit the return button and began typing.

Tennis Sneakers,

I gave myself the Profile name of The Invisible Writer because that's how I feel (and I guess that's how I like it).

On Fiction Press I'm anonymous and I can write anything I want about anything in honest open terms…and it's still confidentiality.

If you come to Blue County and we meet, you will see me as the fraud I am. You will be disappointed in how I look and act and I will feel rejected all over again.

I didn't mean to be a jerk not answering your messages. I just freaked out at the thought of actually meeting you.

He sucked in his breath and hit send.

Dew left the screen open as he went to the bathroom and when he returned there was already a reply waiting for him.

For God sakes do you really think I'm that shallow?

Dew smiled and hit reply.

No, but I guess I'm that stupid.

Her reply was almost immediate.

I'm posting my latest story right now. Read it.

Dew went to her profile page and saw her story had posted.

The Boy In The Computer

They meet in a chat room and it's the perfect romance.

Fiction: Romance - Rated: M - English - Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 10,423

Dew nervously opened the story and read about shy Maryanne Lewis who meets Denny Nickelson on line and they develop a friendship. He comes to town to meet her in person even though she's all nervous, insecure and worried about wrecking their perfect on line relationship. There's a terrific sex scene and some wonderful romance and plenty of freeing nudity and Dew wanted to cry when he finished the story.

He went back to his private message feature and wrote:

Tennis Sneakers,

My name is Dennis Parker but everybody calls me Dew.

I live at 14 Pretty Patty Lane in Hillsboro. My cell is 413-722-5555.

Let me know when you're coming to Blue County. We'll meet at Johnny C's.



Dew Parker walked into Johnny C's Diner forty-five minutes before he was scheduled to meet Tennis Sneakers, who's real name was Juli Anne Clarke. It was a sunny Monday morning in the first week of August and Dew said they should meet around 11:00 to beat the early lunch crowed.

It had been two months since Tennis Sneakers had posted The Boy in The Computer. They had given each other their e-mail addresses and cell phone numbers and had been e-mailing and texting regularly, chatting about their story ideas, other stories they had read on Fiction Press, and what was going on in their lives.

Tennis Sneakers was visiting her Aunt for a week. She had arrived the day before and this was going to be their first face-to-face meeting.

Dew slipped into a booth and began reading his book.

"Hi Dew."

Dew looked up with surprise and saw an unfamiliar eighteen year old girl standing at the table. She had curly blonde hair that fell to her shoulders, a pointy nose that gave her face a deep look, and a Margaret Hamilton chin that drew her face out, but her smile lit up the room and her eyes were dancing.

"Tennis Sneakers?" Dew guessed, recognizing her voice from their phone conversations.

"Juli Anne, Dew," she said with a smile.

"Didn't we say 11:00?" He asked as he stood to greet her.

They were almost the same height and he saw that she was wearing jeans and tennis sneakers. Her legs were long and firm under the jeans and the rest of her figure was stout.

"I came early just like you," she said knowingly. "I didn't want the awkwardness of you staring me down if I came in after you or of me trying to figure out which guy in here was you if you were first."

"You were already here?"

"You didn't notice?" she teased. She pointed to the corner stool at the counter. "I was over there. You walked right by me!"

"I'm sorry."

"Well, your face was buried in your book anyway."

It had all happened so fast that Dew didn't even have time to be nervous or insecure. The awkward first meeting was suddenly over.

"Please, sit," he said.

She nodded and slid into the booth opposite of where he had been sitting. Dew wondered what she thought of her as he took his seat. His hair was long, to his shoulders. He had acne on his forehead. He hated the way he looked.

"So," he said, suddenly feeling awkward. "You got here okay?"

"Everything's fine, Dew," she assured him.

"Really?" He worried. "I mean, now that you see me?"

"And you see me," she replied. "Are you disappointed?"

"Of course not," he said, embarrassed by her challenge.

"I'm a little…..bulky."

"I'm a little…..ugly."

"No you're not."

He smiled with relief. "I think you look great," he assured her.

She smirked and nodded her head. "Then everything's going to be okay."

They were together every day of her visit. She brought him to meet her Aunt in South County and he brought her home to dinner to meet his parents and sister. Then Dew introduced her to his friend Scooter and his girl Joan when they met at Red's Tastee Freeze.

Scooter was thrilled to see his friend with a girl and Joan was equally as gracious and friendly.

"Well, I can see why you'd want to see Joan naked," Juli Anne grinned after Scooter and Joan left, referring to his story His Best Friend's Gal.

"See, that is what I meant about you knowing all my story secrets," Dew groaned.

She laughed. "Don't worry about it, Dew. It's okay!"

They went to a game at Beano Field every night. They went to the outdoor theatre in Mt. Griffin. They went swimming at Sun Rise Lake. They had more ice cream at Red's Tastee Freeze. They took walks along the Blue River. He took her to dinner at The Greenville Grille.

They got along great. Juli Anne said it was easy because they already knew each other from their writings, e-mails, texts, and phone calls.

Scooter called and said that he and Joan wanted to go out on a double date with Dew and Juli Anne so they went to the Sun Rise Lake Inn and it was a wonderful time as both couples got along great.

Scooter told Dew that Juli Anne was a great girl and Juli Anne later confided in Dew that Joan told her that she was so happy that Dew had finally found someone to be with.

But then, just like that, Juli Anne's vacation was over. It was Saturday and she was leaving on Sunday. They decided to spend the whole day together and Dew had an itinerary of events scheduled when he arrived at Juli Anne's aunt house to pick her up.

"I have some plans of my own," Juli Anne announced.

"Like what?" Dew wondered.

"Let's go for a walk," she said, taking him by the hand and leading him around the back of the house and into the woods behind it.

It was a pleasantly warm August morning, already nearly 80 degrees at 10:00.

"So, about our stories," Juli Ann said as they walked along a path.

"What about them?" Dew asked.

"Don't you think we should start acting some of the scenes out?" She smiled.

"What do you mean?" Dew asked nervously.

"Well," she said when they arrived at a small watering hole nestled deep in the woods, far from civilization. "We haven't done our nude scene yet!"

Dew glanced at the water. "You mean, go for a swim?"

"Just like the skinny dipping scene in The Boy in The Computer!" She laughed. "You finally get to see your first naked girl, Dew!"

He swallowed hard as he stared at her. "You'd do that for me?"

"Yes," she said as she began to shimmy out of her jeans, kicking her tennis sneakers off in the process.