There is a light

Piercing through the black

A time when I walked forward

Afraid of looking back

But I fall to my knees

Looking on with Envy

Together in their own lights

They laugh and walk and leave me

I glare at the dying embers

Hiding fear, hurt with hate

And then a voice I know

Drags me to his fate

Faulty caring in his eyes

He tells me I must see

In that freeing light

Is nothing there for me

So I turn my back on life

On the ones who call my name

I blindly stumble on

Until despair has left me lame

Yet a new light calls me back

From this darkness I've created

Terror bids me stay

The fear of being hated

I demand the sweet light leave

To let the numbness do its part

To finish what it started

To freeze my brittle heart

But love takes me by the hand

She tells me I can find

A light within myself

The light I've been denied

Her honey words for me

Drove the dark away

And I look to her to tell her

In this night I've found my day

But there is only emptiness

No traces of her song

Just darkness and my dying light

That hadn't lasted very long

I've only barely tasted sky

When pain drives me back down

Darkness grips my arms and legs

And I wait in the silence to drown

A hand grips my shoulder

It drags me to my feet

He screams name he tells me

I can't admit defeat

He pushes me to go

But the pain draws out a cry

I tell him I can't walk

He tells me then to fly

I tremble when I see

What my brother calls my wings

I know I'll never fly again

With these useless broken things