This is a poem in my character, Connor's point of view. you can read him in Violet Skies. :)

Blood-Bearing Branches

Breaths, shallow.

My throat is tight.

In your hands,

You hold my life.

Against the night,

You hold my breath.

And you won't let go

Until I'm dead.

Heart, slow.

My hands shake in yours

As you press against my lungs.

I can't bear to ignore

The feeling of loss

That sits in my heart.

With your hands, stopping breaths,

I am falling apart.

But your blood-bearing branches

Cradle over me.

They engulf my twisted body,

And they rock my heart to sleep.

They beat,

And they love;

But they can't get to me.

And your blood-bearing branches

Can't seem to see

All the love that they've crippled

That once belonged to me.

Old poem from a couple of years ago, and I'm too swamped to actually write something new right now so here. :)

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