'I remember the time when I had that name. It was so fine. So beautiful, when I played in the forest by the stream. They called me Karin. I was so innocent, that I did not know that was born into that rich, powerful family. Now here I am sitting in his car. Going to that place far away from that peaceful town I grew up in. Sigh. why don't I have any luck. I need to become the world's best agent! That is my goal in life!'
" Here we are, Kaede. Do you want to see your new school?"
"Hell no!" I answered
'Gyaaa! Is he serious! That is the last thing I want. If only I could get my hands around his throat...No Karin you promised that you wouldn't do things like that again...Argh. I wish I where dead!' I looked out of car window. 'If this is where I'm to live then I need to find the best place to pick a fight to cool off. Well I'll make sure I don't give an impress here that I might be a killer.' I gazed into the puddles, that were left from the last rain fall on the road. My thick green hair were in braids. My silver eyes filled with determination. I lifted my eyes and settled them on the forest that stretched along the highway. It was even bigger than the forest I used to play in. My corner of my mouth twitched.
'So this is where my story starts. They better watch out. They don't know it but I think I'm going to make those old hags lives with me like hell. Well if I get angry... I could always shoot a couple of those guards down with my...rifle...Te he