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Chapter three;
The secrets from the Forest

I walked through the door of my house shivering.

After last night's fight, I was still tired.

I had just walked my dog, Yujiro. For his morning walk. But came straight inside it was bellow 34 degrees outside and yujiro was growing icicles around his mussel.

I went into my kitchen and made some eggs and sausages. Ate, then brushed my teeth, and changed into my school uniform. I still had some time before I needed to go.

So I settled myself in front of the TV, and pressed the power button on.

I had to switch like eighty-nine channels with the remote, before I got any shows on.

I'm guessing it was my little sister playing and chewing on it before she left for daycare this morning. I fiddled with a button that actually was no longer their on the remote anymore.

"Guess that serves her right for chewing on it." I chuckled to myself. Finally, I turned to channel thirteen that showed, the news.

"Good Morning fellow people of, Nagisa!"
"We are bringing you hot new news from the, Matsuyo Clan! It has recently been discovered that, the heir to the Matsuyo Clan, has fallen ill."

I jaw dropped.

This hot, news, is something everyone has to be afraid of! But the reporter says it in such a way that it seems she's to overjoyed about it!

I remember reading something in a news paper that about, seven hundred years, ago in this large town; the heir to the Mastuyo clan fell ill and died from a strange disease.

Nobody knew his name, or what type of disease that killed him.

Some say that's when the Matsuyo Clan began to breed only full bred babies.

And some say that the strange disease only affects the Matsuyo Clan.

Others say that, that is the one and only thing and disease they truly fear.

The towns scientist has studied it for centuries.

About every century an heir falls from the illness.

Know one knows if the Clan is full Matsuyo blood anymore...

Some people say that the heir, now only has one son and he is probably the last of the true blood in the clan...and after that the Matsuyo Clan would just...disappear...

I strained my eyes back to the television. This is going to get interesting!

The reporter continued with her interview...

" Over the illness the Matsuyo Clan has an estimate that the heir has about two days left before he falls. They are now doing research at the; Noriko Library. Here's Reporter Nishiyo. Reporting live; in front of the library." reported the reporter.

" Thank you and Hello, and Good Morning this is Reporter Nishiyo here! I'm reporting live here at Noriko library! Reporter Nishiyo started.

I grabbed my knees and brought them up to my chest, grabbing a pillow at the same time. Holy sushi, why do reporters always take so long getting to the important point! Grrrrr... I don't have all day!

I felt myself getting over excited.

I closed my eyes to try to clam myself.

Then gazed at the TV again. The reporter seemed to be talking to man now.

" Why hello, Natsuyo. Everyone this is, Nastuyo; an agent member of the Matsuyo Clan. Anyways I was hopping to catch a few answers to some questions that have been on my mind...well, probably everyone's mind. If that's, OK with you?!" Reporter Nishiyo asked.

OK, now this is real freakish.

'Why do all young women reporters start flirting when it comes to interviewing men; because that's what reporter Nishiyo is happily doing now. I have to say shouldn't she be getting embarrassed. That bitch has to have a soft spot some where!'

" I would be happy to, but don't be offended if I'm quiet guarded with some answers." Natsuyo answered in a rough voice.

"Oh! Perfect, perfect. Well let's get started." She finally began. " First why did you decided to become a high-class agent. I mean you could have become a body-guard or a bakery man...something like that. *giggle..giggle!*

No, no, god no! That old Granny doesn't even know how to interview a person.

" You Egg! You old broom get your bottom moving and get some real answers out of him! I screamed and glared at the TV. As if she heard me by some for weird for sake'n reason she looked around wildly like she saw a ghost or something.

"OK, getting to the point...Tee Hee Hee! When did your heir fall ill?! Will it affect our town very much. What will your clan do? I have heard a lot of rumors that there is one last true blood heir to rise?! What will you do if he falls to?!" Reporter Nishiyo asked all at once.

To be continued...

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