Love Like Winter

The shrill ring of the alarm disturbed the painfully silent air of the courtyard, pulling me back into focus on the dead vampire laying on the ground before me; slowly turning to ash. Soul's worried gold eyes fixated on my iridescent red and purple ones, a silent warning. As soon as the alarms turn off, I drop the bloodied wooden stake and reach for my gun.

It's all or nothing now. Kill or be killed.

The sound of my phone ringing permeates the cold air around our shivering bodies. As I reach for my phone, Soul nods his head as a silent okay for what I'm about to do. After pulling out the small device, I flip it open with my thumb and read the blocky letters on the glowing screen. "It's him." I whisper. Soul takes a moment to consider before answering me.

"Answer it."

I nod as I press the call button and hold it to my ear. "Agent ShadowHeart here, talk to me." I listened for a response. Not a word came from the other line; during the few nanoseconds of heavy, nearly tangible silence, Soul simply stared intensely at the phone in my trembling, black clawed hand. I glanced at soul for a moment, waiting with ominous dread for some sort of oncoming horror,

It all happened very fast then.

The phone instantly went dead, the dial tone muffled by the sound of a gunshot. The sound didn't go unnoticed. The next thing I knew, I was being pushed to the ground by my best friend. The impact of his lean body forcing mine onto the cold, hard ground was not my main concern, my eyes glazing over from the flaming intensity of the pain that flared through my chest. My brain immediately transferred into panic mode as I stared unblinkingly at the raindrops that began to fall over us.

"Spider!" Soul shouts. He pulls out his phone, calling for an ambulance. "Woman down, woman down! Shots have been fired. I need an ambulance immediately." A pause. "Special Agent Spider ShadowHeart has been shot! I need help!" Soul's voice echoes above my head, the world beginning to swirl in front of me as Soul's hand applied pressure to my chest.

"Spider, can you hear me?" It amazed me how Soul's voice managed to penetrate the wall that threatened to crash over my senses. I frantically attempted to nod, my breaths coming on short, jagged gasps as I desperately tried to cling onto consciousness. "I have to keep pressure on the wound, Spider. I know it hurts, but I have to, okay?" No. No, Soul, the pressure doesn't hurt. Not one bit. My head hurts, the thoughts are unbearably agonizing.

"Please don't make me go." Images danced across my vision as I uttered those five words. Images of my father, my brothers, nieces and nephews, Soul… no, don't make me leave them. "I love working here… don't make me leave."

The pulsing ache that ran through my chest intensified with the thoughts and memories that I shared with my best friend and family. Each one flashed before my eyes,, before fading away into another swirling onslaught of sudden pain.

The first image was of my four older brothers and one younger; Tristain, Ivan, Vladimir, Ciel, and Alecksandre. I loved and cherished the days we would spend hunting for caribou, climbing trees and getting into trouble. We were such pains, yet we were lovable.

The second image was of my father, Vikas. After my mother was killed, he took care of all five of us. He fed us, clothed us educated us and kept a roof over my head. I remember the day my father took me to Moscow to go shopping on my eighteenth birthday. We had so much fun that day.

Then there was Doctor Soul Mercielago, the incredibly brave vampire hunter that was hunched over my heavily bleeding body. For many, many years; we had been friends. Even though I was a vampire who killed vampires, he accepted me. Soul always had a knack for using his incredible psychological skills to lure vampires out of their hiding places and purify them. Any insult he would throw my way I could easily forgive, simply because it was nearly impossible to disrespect such an honorable man.

"You can stay here as long as you like, Spider. I love you, everyone knows that." Soul… if only you knew how much I loved you all these years. I have loved, lost, and loved again. Just like the saying: it's better to have loved and lost than to have never loved again. 'I love you, everyone knows that' Hearing those words straight from the mouth of Doctor Soul Cortez Mercielago himself had never pleased me more. Even though I lay here, heavily bleeding with a gaping hole shot through my heart, I couldn't possibly have been any more delighted. I had accomplished much in my quest for achievement here at the Vampire Slayers Institute, even as a vampire myself, and I finally had the pleasure of hearing Soul, my mentor, my idol, my friend, finally approve of my endless endeavors to become the one he loves.

"Please… please don't make me leave." My voice was nearly inaudible to my own ears as darkness threatened to fall over my vision. The pressure of Soul's slowly started to fade as the pool of scarlet around my torso slowly widened, draining my body of its desperate longing for survival. Soul's voice continued to whirl around my head, eventually stopping completely. One last breath escaped my lungs as my battle against the shadows was finally lost and my last hopes for clinging to life were brutally stripped from my fingers.

The End