Everyone in the classroom turned and stared.

The boys eyes seemed to glow, and it seemed to me that several girls looked really displeased.

Getting to my desk as quickly as possible, I heard two girls whispered to each other.

"What has she done to herself"

I smiled, though inside I thought I looked the same as before, but a summer can make a diffrerence.

Perhaps I had changed.

Break time, girls came up in their little groups, staring at me I felt very uncomfortable and wanted to get away. Without how, I was surrounded by a gaggle of girls, when a strong hand took me by the arm and half dragged, half pulled me into the coolness of the school corridor. Turning around I found myself looking into the bluest eyes i had ever seen.

They were the colour of sapphires.

His silver hair long and his skin pale golden colour. He, in return, just looked at me. I knew he thought i was a freak. Then he reached out with a cool finger and tucked a strand of hair behind my ear.

" You have to be more careful."

I smiled like crazy, But he also smiled. The bell broke my moment, and we parted for lessons.

As the next break I looked everywhere, but there was no sighn of the boy with the sapphire eyes.

I felt so lost and alone.

At this moment he came around the corner. We fell in beside each other, as if we had known each other forever.

Then i asked the question which I already knew the answer to.

"Are you real?"

He did not speak, just held my hand and whispered, " I have to go."

I went home, turning over his answer

Fresh air was what I needed. Muffin, Our Speaniel, would enjoy a walk.

We passed the shops and made our way into the woods. Somehow I felt I would see him. Families were walking passed, enjoying the late afternoon sunshine. Then he was there, he seemed to come and go at will.

He seemed almost transparent, only his brilliant sapphire eyes were gazing at me. Muffin, who usually loved people seemed on edge. A low growl came from her, I had to pull her over to meet him.

Once again I asked, " Are you real?"

He looked away and then turned back to me. This is what he told me

" I cannot tell you my name, as you would be in danger. My world is diffrent from yours. I can only stay one day every year to seek my true love. As the sun sets tonight, I must return to the realm. Would you be here next year? Would you wait for me?"

He looked almost desperate.

Without hesitation I said, " yes".

He smiled a smile as bright as the setting sun.

" One year and i will be back."

He seemed to fade before my eyes. His cool finger brushed a tear from my face I saw my tear melt into his hand.

"One year. One year," his voice faded, sinking further away from me.

My last sight was of brilliant sapphires glowing in the midair.