Carrying her most precious thing
She goes to work, knowing what it will bring
The feeling of carrying out justice
Only perfection will suffice

It is a rainy day
But her determination will not sway
She whispers to her precious baby
"Today could just maybe
Be your lucky day" She holds him to her breasts
"You may help mommy dispatch those vicious pests"

Patting his thick, red-stained hair
She walks where no one can stare
No one will see the two
Or knowing what they're about to do

They approach a barn, but what could it be?
Cautious they hide behind a big, dark tree
There are no cows, horses or pigs, nor any other beast
The sounds are unmistakable, to them at least

They know what is in there, and what the sounds reveal
An inhuman holocaust of cold, grey steel
The prisoners are grey as well,
The people know, but still can't tell
The difference between right and wrong
'Cause to handle it, you'll need to be strong

With determined paces she gets to work
On her face she carries a complacent smirk
The next day she is on the news
But the people seemingly still refuse
To handle the truth, because it's too cruel
One rather choose to be a fool

Two fur-farm owners murdered and skinned
Now they wish they hadn't sinned
But the center of the media's eyes
Is a young girl who could really surprise

The murderer of two grown people slipped
In the blood of those she'd stripped
She fell on her head, but with another one in her hand
It didn't go exactly as she'd planned

The murder-weapon was the head of her boyfriend Chen
She had caught him wearing fur, but never, ever again