Forever My Pasture

Chapter 5

In an instant, Viper's body is churned into a thick fog which rolls through the Shepherd and I and out over the gold water beyond. There it loses its form and diminishes into nothing –taking with it all my memories concerning him and his so-called kingdom.

The Shepherd places me back on my feet, and we stand face-to-face, gazing eye-into-eye. I smile. He smiles.

"Talitha?" His voice is clear and quiet.


"Are you ready?" His orb-eyes shimmer softly.

"For what?" I wonder.

"To return to your world." My heart twists in shock.

"What do you mean?" I say a bit louder than I had wanted. "I thought I'd stay with you. You told me so. You said—"

"Talitha, calm yourself. I am never going to leave you, as I have promised."

"Then…you're coming with me? Is that possible?"

"Listen, Talitha, nothing will change between us. Wherever you go, you will be in My Pasture, and I will be your Shepherd. Although, your faith must be proven, your job is not quite finished. Your world still has need of you and me. This is my command, that you return to your world, but be not as you were. No, but be you as one who's seen the truth, the light—one who is filled with the essence of my faith. You will feel my presence. You will see my working in your life, but you will not see me with your vision. I'll be there always, but in the spirit that binds our hearts, not in person."

"So I will never see you again?"

"Not for a small while, a few decades or so, but we will meet face to face again when your job is completed."

"I don't know if I can bear not talking to you, not seeing you, not…not…"

"But you may talk with me—ask me your deepest questions, enlighten me of your most inward fears. I will hear you whether you speak with the tongue of the mind or mouth. And I will answer, and give hope."

"How? Will you answer me back aloud?"

"No, but I do have a tool with which you may consult. I will give you my Word—the living word of my mouth." Outward he reaches his hand, and within his clasp appears a sword that begins to melt into a different form—the form of a book. "Take this, dear, dear Talitha, and read of me, that we may grow in each other's hearts, and be never separate." I slowly lift the hard-cover novel into my palms. A tingle dances upon my skin. I feel as if I am now in control of my future—a world of difficult questions. But I know I'll never have to go too far to find the right answers.

In this moment, I am daintily fingering the folds of truth and knowing that my life will never be the same.

"Are you prepared?" his question is softly asked. My eyes rise to his.


He nods. "Good. For the time is at hand." He takes my hand, and suddenly I am embraced in a lustrous light.

I awake in my room—alone, alert, and still. There is no glow upon my ceiling. There is no door of light upon my wall. All is as usual and earthly as life, but, to me, something is different.

It's a feeling, deep within me—a sense of security and knowledge. I am present and entire, full of life—reborn. My soul, yes I can feel it, is peaceful and awake, and it seems to be whispering softly deep inside in a series of verses only my body understands. It is all very calming.

I seem to be a young child again.

The day in which I am to see my Shepherd again face-to-face has not yet come, but I am not worried. I have the Shepherd's book—my favorite book—filled with wondrous tales of the Shepherd's mighty power. He is my savoir, and his word is a weapon against the fiery darts of Viper who now and then plants his dire weeds into my heart.

Although the earth is very much different than the Shepherd's kingdom, I still feel as if I am in My Pasture, especially now, sitting cross-legged beside the stream in my backyard, his book in my lap, the wind in the trees. I can feel his loving presence as I softly read the words, "I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee."

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