Could I say something
Without making a fool of myself?
I know I'm a little crazy,
No, a lot is more than enough.
But I have something to say,
Should I whisper it in your ear,
Leave it in the wind,
Or forget it was ever here?

Worlds apart and farther between,
Distance in a way more beguiling than sin.
These words I say to you
Came from a heart honest and true.

I am in love with you,
You are always forgiven.
I don't know what I'm doing,
But I know this I can't be mistaken.
These words are yours,
And as yours taken.

Naive and young my ideas yet be,
You have little reason to believe me.
But stronger is and stronger does,
Consuming was never before.
Fear cast out and forgotten,
Leaving the once-wild tamed.

If you see something inside,
A spark along this absent-mind,
Please know that you hold the key,
That set the spark free.

If I could say something
Without making a fool of myself,
Even if it sounded crazy and I have plenty to say,
I might whisper this in your ear,
Or softly to the wind,
But I could never forget it was ever here...