Suicidal thoughts,
go away,
but come back
another day.

I need you,
just not right now.
I have to help a friend,
but I don't know how.

I told her a lie,
I said I was okay.
So please, sweet thoughts,
go away.

It's only for now,
I'll bring you back.
Your wonderful ideas
I don't want to lack.

But just for a while,
I need a break.
I don't want my friend
to make a mistake.

You're always welcome,
you know that well.
You're there for me
when my life gives hell.

I need to help my friend,
It can't wait.
I won't let her depression
make her fate.

I'll hear from you
in just a while.
Don't worry,
I'll welcome you with a smile. (: