A/N: Hello, I don't really know about how this came to be so I decided to place it on the POV of somone who caused or started war, just look at it like that please.

What I Never Had

I have eyes,

But I can't see what's wrong,

What's taking me so long?

I have ears,

But I can't hear,

Their screams of pain and fear,

Or a soud of a falling tear.

I have a mind,

But I can't comprehend,

This twisted world,

Where rules are bent

Then I start to see,

What this is all about,

But I don't scream,

I don't shout.

Then I start to hear,

They're shouting at me,

Asking me to set them free,

But I shake my head,

And then say 'no',

I sit down and enjoy their sorrow.

I start to understand,

What has happened to this land,

It's all cause by me,

Is that what you can't see?

Because I may have eyes and ears,

And I may have a mind,

But there's one thing,

I might have left behind.

No, that's wrong,

I never had it from the start,

Because I feel there's a gap in me,

Where ther should be a heart.

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